Drupal upgrade 6 to 7 step by step instructional text

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Drupal 6 will likely no longer be supported as Drupal 8 has been released.  See https://drupalreleasedate.com/   Many maintainers no longer support Drupal 6 versions

Drupal is arguably the best CMS system out there when one considers what Ubercart can do with the extension modules for it.

Unfortunately one BIG problem with Drupal is the support of it and information on what ius current and applies.

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You may not know - but Drupal 7 almost completely "BREAKS" Drupal 6 because the database API has been changed and functions have been removed.

That means any modules from Drupal 6 - ev en when ported by automatic upgrade code using the Coder  upgrade feature this instruction set  also tells you how to install-  - may still be broken because of internal function calls that no longer are valid in Drupal 7

You will find no one who knows what they are doing will really help you - or worse they will point you in the WRONG direction - and a las you will feel circle jerked - because you will be.

Drupal people feel it is time to "get paid" - and Drupal 7 is designed to Break Drupal 6 - some for valid reasons and some not.

You need this text  34 pages of  all 12 point type size single spaced with working hyperlinks and as  instructions - no pictures - and it is updated regularly to show you tips and tricks to not only upgrade - but to fix things the upgrade will break.  Based on an actual Drupal 6 to 7 upgrade and covers the thing you will not find documented anywhere else.

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