Hydrogen generators and their parts

SKUsort ascending Title Price
hpc_H2_900_hydride Hydrogen Metal Hydride tank $2,399.00
hpc_dome_kit Housing Kit for Separated Gas Hydrogen Generator $199.00
hpc_dome Separated Gas Hydrogen Generator $3,995.00
hpc_basic_gen_kit Separated Gas Pure Hydrogen Generator - Basic KIT $999.00
hpc_bare_bones_gen_kit Bare Bones Separated Gas Pure Hydrogen Generator KIT $199.00
HPC-PEM_60 PEM Pure Hydrogen Generator $1.00
HPC-HGC Hydrogen generator controller $499.00
fuel_pressure_gauge Fuel Pressure gauge - Mechanical $29.00
fuel_multi_gauge fuel pressure gauge and controller $199.00
freefuel_base FreeFuelSystem PEM Pure Hydrogen Generator $1,999.00