COVID-19 and stupidity

Today a new psychological diagnosis has been proposed called  "Conspiracy Theory Disorder".  See   It is still only a "proposed" disorder to be added to the field of Psychology / Psychiatry.  It is a theory that leans into the recent research that largely  people with a brain that cannot make sense of a scenario in front of it - makes up something to satisfy itself.   See

In short people who lack a sufficient store of true actual factual  precursory  information from which to understand the complexity of a scenario as they need to put together just give up and make up something so that the brain can get a DOSE release.   See,Happy%20Chemicals,intentionally%20cause%20them%20to%20flow. and,in%20the%20state%20of%20nature. among others.

This is best demonstrated by the "Oh my God" exclamations and "God this and God that" that fly out of people's mouths so fast.  One thing is for sure - very soon the Coronavirus will be out of control world wide  and the United States is already working its way blindly towards a 100% infection rate by the way the pandemic is being handled..  One other thing is for sure, any one with a brain will no longer gather in any social setting - not gyms, nor bars, nor sporting events, or concerts or churches - while those stupid enough to do so will quickly  likely prove by death and community spread "god" ain't gonna help them, and what they "want" to do as a liberty will bring them sickness and death.  That is the reality of this virus.

Most of the time this occurs in people who lack scientific training and knowledge or ability to research and understand the same.  Today regarding COVID-19 one might say Republicans are showing to be the party of "dumb".

Polls show at least 15 percent of people do not believe the coronavirus exists . . .  that until someone they dies it . . .  and this it shortcoming of a poorly trained or developed brain which may lack the ability to understand.  Most people who do not believe extraterrestrial life exists do so for the same reason.  For instance most people would never understand this scientific article let alone believe in the concepts it represents. complex thought or concepts.  This means in the end stupid people represent a danger to humanity.  They are ones who won't wear a mask and who in the end will keep COVID going for years - or at least until enough of them die off.

But as the saying goes, "you cannot save everybody", and the plain truth is intellectually people of the world are nowhere near ready to even understand what is going on.  What is more important and relevant is the same  people who fail to believe in climate change and its importance are those same ones who refuse to believe or understand the coronavirus and support a blaming conspiracy theory instead.  The truth is - no one cannot "talk" the coronavirus away not by blaming others or wishful talking.  President Trump for his administration has set out to roll back environmental safety gains as law and does not believe in "zero emission" as an effort or initiative.  Sadly he he did not even try to address how it could be done.  In the end - an already over-populated world will get lighter each day and the US and other places that enjoyed an economy based on social tourism has found that may never work again.  No one will visit areas of the world where the virus is out of control and right now that is pretty much everywhere.  The end result is humans are forced to stay out of each other's faces and stop burning so much oil.  It is going to take the stupid ones a moment to catch up to reality.  This is th new Earth right now . . .  a hostile place to live and openly breath in and traverse about.

It’s not a stretch to consider that people who strongly believe in conspiracy theories may qualify for the proposed Conspiracy Theory Disorder (CTD). Taken from the research, the symptoms may be summarized as (6 or more needed for a diagnosis):

  • Feeling anxious or fearful all the time, for no particular reason
  • Inability to exert control (or feeling unable to control) the situation
  • A need to make sense of complex topics or unrelated events, even with little or no topical expertise or knowledge
  • A strong urge to make connections between a series of unrelated events or behaviors
  • A belief in paranormal explanations for scientific phenomenon
  • An overreliance on cognitive shortcuts, such as illusory correlations, confirmation bias, and hindsight bias
  • Low self-esteem and/or high self-uncertainty
  • A sense of not really belonging to any social group; isolation from others
  • A greater alienation, disengagement, or disaffection from society
  • A belief that the status-quo of society should be valued above all else
  • The presence of the symptoms significantly impacts the person’s ability to function in their daily life activities, such as socializing with friends, going to work or school, or relationships with their family and others

Regarding face masks - it is not about individual liberties, it is about others not having the right to put at risk others to infection they are carrying - knowingly or unknowingly.

When the pandemic started it was written at that COVID-19 was genetic in nature nd would permanently alter the host body in some way - yet to be discovered, and possibly by changing genetics future offspring of the host body as well and showed how and why it could - the conclusion being you warn to avoid letting it get hold of by keeping a hostile environment in your body of Copper and Allicin levels elevated.  Now people are finding this to be true.  See and among others.

A vaccine may be near, but in the end may not provide protection for long and may not prevent continued infection of others even if administered.   It appears the effective protective antibodies actually "peter out" within about one month .  See and

""Disturbing new revelations that permanent immunity to the coronavirus may not be possible have jeopardized vaccine development and reinforced a decision by scientists at UCSF and affiliated laboratories to focus exclusively on treatments.

Several recent studies conducted around the world indicate that the human body does not retain the antibodies that build up during infections, meaning there may be no lasting immunity to COVID-19 after people recover.""  This written July 17, 2020 .

Then there are the "conspiracy theory" idiots who refuse to wear masks that follow basically the lead of Donald Trump believing they cannot really harmed iif they are young.  See for one "I think I made a mistake" a 30 year old man said as he passed away five days after contracting the disease intentionally at a COVID-19 "party"   at  among other posts where people that regret not believing it was real until they or as loved one got it.   I think "Chuck Woolery" is about the best famous example.  See

This Coronavirus is here to stay and is going spread to such prominence that it will kill or permanently alter gentics and or physiology millions of humans forever and possibly their offspring as Polio for instance did.  Other viruses have permanently maimed the human landscape, Rabies, Polio, Zika and the list goes on and on, yet it is the stupidity of people who cannot understand they are NOT invincible who are the greatest threat.  None of those viruses have been such silently and easily transmitted as COVID-19 and its latest mutant strain which has more spikes with which to grab on and infect.  See  ""Still, the result is “a concern” that raises the possibility that vaccinated people could still spread the virus, says Douglas Reed, an aerobiologist at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research in Pennsylvania. “Ideally, you want a vaccine that would protect against disease and against transmission, so that we can kind of break the chain,” he says.""

They way people become "stupid" lke this is how they are raised.  If given time to play and play and play as a young child when the brain is developing its thinking pathways and methods, with no structure they tend to develop a brain that makes up its own answers.  For instance most children if asked where does the picture on a TV come from - they will tell you though the plug in the wall, and today that may be true but so not in the days and cases of broadcast TV signals.

Society has gone on too long raising its off spring with undisciplined brains and it is getting worse - but at least now smart people should know haw to recognize this thinking defect for what it is  and hopefully another President like Donald Trump with this defect will never be elected again.

It is understandable how given Donald Trump's age, the era and area  in which he grew up and how he was educated showed all the signs this was what he would be, but it took a tell-all book by his niece Mary Trump to show it from the family perspective, and then Donald himself just stepped so deep into it  - even he does not see how far down the rabbit hole he  has publicly gone.

Like the story of  "The Boy who cried Wolf", there comes a time when people will stop believing you or listening to a thing you say.

Across the Nation of thw United States right now the Republicans are sure looking like the party of dumb and the World sees Donald Trump for exactly what he is - even if he doesn't.




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