Sockets and Kits

SKU Title Price
socket_kit_bare Bare bones socket making kit 4 prosthetic leg knee $199.00
vacuum_system Vacuum drawing system $39.00
Socket_materials Socket Kit Materials - Braid, Nylon and Resin $499.00
S-700-AIS480 Ohio Willow Locking system 700-AIS480 $399.00
S-700-AIS100 Ohio Willow Locking system 700-AIS100 $399.00
soft-socket Soft-Socket $499.00
ischial_socket Ischial Containment Adjustable AK Socket $499.00
S-Hos-60958 Female pyramid to 4 hole alignable system $499.00
S-102cc One shot cast in set up $99.00
s-ossur-iceross_tf Iceross TF Seal In liner $899.00