Alps EZF BK Locking Liners

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The unparalleled combination of softness, strength and elasticity of the ALPS EasyGel provides the comfort and durability users expect.


This liner is designed for the BK amputee

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Allows users the ease of knee flexion provided by an unlimited restriction of stretch anterior to the knee.

The fabric in the posterior knee area has 80% ;ess vertical stretch which reduces bunching in the popiteal region.

Alps EasyGel contains antioxidants to help promote skin health and maintain comfort and durability through the life of the liner

Unified Flexible Front
Stretch fabric over the patella for greater elasticity while reducing pressure on the knee

80% Less Vertical Stretch Posteriorly
Eliminates pistoning while minimizing bunching behind the knee during flexion.

Antioxidants & EZ Gel Protect Skin
Antioxidants in EZ Gel help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

ALPS EZGel is perfect for those with poor skin characterisics on sensitive tissues.


Manufactured with ALPS EasyGel, the EZ Flex Locking Liner is comprised of antioxidants that help promote optimum skin health by preventing and repairing damage caused by free radicals.

ALPS EZ Flex Locking Gel Liner has the following features:

  • Wider distal end for ease of donning
  • High circumferential stretch to assist with form fitting
  • Distal ends are proportionate to the size of the liner
  • Users are able to sit for extended periods of time


3mm or 6mm Uniform Thicknesses available


Measured Size (In/Cm)                Locking Liner          Cushion Liner

6.25" - 7.50" (16-19cm)                  EZF16-6                  EZF16-6

7 7/8" - 9"" (30-23cm)                     EZF20-6                  EZF20-6

9.50" - 9 7/8" (24-25cm)                EZF24-6                  EZF24-6

10 1/4" - 10 5/8" (26-27cm)          EZF26-6                  EZF26-6

11" - 12 1/4" (28-31cm)                   EZF28-6                  EZF28-6

12 5/8" - 14 1/52" (32-37cm)        EZF32-6                  EZF32-6

15" - 17" (38-43cm)                          EZF38-6                  EZF38-6

17 3/8" - 20 3/4" (44-53cm)          EZF44-6                  EZF44-6


You MUST specific the LINER SIZE, TYPE (Locking or NOT) and THICKNESS  (3mm or 6mm)  in the NOTES section of the checkout using one of the ITEM NUMBER formats below.  EXAMPLE a Locking 32 that is 6mm thick would be - EZF-32-6.  Measure Circumference 2 1/2" (6cm) from Distal End for Sizing


Compare all the liner types before your order - firm holding - AK and BK - for BK with softer knee area - general purpose light duty - distal padded, tapered available - moisture expulsion liner


  • New Distal end encapsulation retrofi ts most competitors’ liners
  • Warranty: one Liner 12 month , two Liners: 24 month
  • High Performance Fabric improves durability.
  • Slightly tacky feel reduces bunching in the popliteal region.
  • Available in two different configurations: 3mm Uniform, and 6mm Uniform
  • Measure Circumference 2 1/2" (6cm) from Distal End for Sizing

Never choose a liner size, which exceeds the measurement, or round up.

EXAMPLE: If the residual limb measures 23.5cm at the indicated location, choose size 20 NOT size 24.

Selecting the correct size is very important. If the liner is too tight, this may cause pistoning and/or numbness and blistering. If the liner is too loose, increased perspiration and/or movement of the limb inside the liner may occur. Perspiration and movement can lead to blisters and rashes. If any of the above symptoms or any other indication of improper fit are noted, contact your physician  immediately or discontinue use and /or re-order the correct size.


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Price: $399.00
Weight: 8 oz
Dimensions: 8 in × 8 in × 0.4 in
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