Gashole Plugged Video Movie on Hydrogen Generator, HHO, EFIE CNG LPG engines

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This is a listing for a 1 hour 39 minute documentary style mash-up movie Windows Media file (wmv) we made called "GASHOLE PLUGGED" on CD.

It shows:
*  The original Gashole movie's documented part of a video archive and government video proof of TWO over 100 mile per gallon vehicles
*  A late model V-8 Ram 1500 running solely on electrolysis gas being driven
*  How to build separated and oxyhydrogen gas generators
*  Explains the science to oil refining and why it is an ugly business
*  How you "could" do this yourself - and the legal issues of doing so . . . and  more.

You, like most people, likely believe you have the right to do anything you want to your vehicle.  Not true - to change or tamper with the fueling and emission control system is ILLEGAL and could land you, anyone that sells to you or performs for you work that is considered tampering - with a stiff fine and even jail time, or confiscation of the vehicle to be destroyed.

We CAN design and build you a custom system to do this and/or like this one below - and the way you start this process is through the movie or one of our books.  The over 100 miles per gallon is based on per gallon of "paid for fuel" a.k.a. cost per mile -  and is thus a perceived figure not an actual greater efficiency improvement of the engine.

This system and listing is aimed at fleets and fleet owners - and may be considered prohibitively expensive for a consumer user who does not do A LOT of driving to re-coup the investment in licensing the system.

Pictured is  Fords' Tri-Flex Hydrogen engine system.  And our ECM's are the magic behind the whole show for our system - the Ford system is NOT a bi-fueling Hydrogen system - OURS is.


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Also we may require the system be adequately protected by security, and on an alarm or tracking (Lo-Jack or On-Star type) recovery equipped vehicle and / or be under lock and key of a fleet facility when not in use.

No matter what ANY listing here on eBay or on the Internet ANYWHERE says about using a non-EPA approved or CARB wavered "HHO", Hydrogen OR CNG fueling system about it being "O.K." or not required to be EPA or CARB - "approved" to use on any vehicle in the USA - IT IS A LIE.

It is illegal to use a non-EPA or non-CARB approved fueling system - and largely any non-approved PARTS used also - PERIOD, including "HHO" systems and kits and parts - like most all sold on eBay.

If you are a business or fleet owner or manager, or value your investment in your vehicle; you DO NOT want to take a chance on items that will fail your investment or are illegal.

The LAW is set forth clearly in two EPA memos still in force and effect today.

One is at
The other is a clarification of "memo1a" found here =>

The relevant language of admem1a.pdf is that ONLY two options exist after December 31, 1998 which are:

1 .    A Federal Certificate under 40 CFR Part 86 demonstrating compliance with the applicable standards or under 40 CFR Part 88 demonstrating compliance with Clean Fuel Fleet standards for each engine family to be converted in accordance with 40 CFR Part 85, Subpart F; or

2.    A Retrofit System Certification under the California Certification and Installation Procedures For Alternative Fuel Retrofit Systems for Motor Vehicles Certified for 1994 and Subsequent Model Years for a conversion system installed and tested under the above procedures on a vehicle or engine from a "50-state engine family" for use nationwide, or for a conversion system installed and tested under the above procedures on a vehicle or engine from a California engine family for use in California only . . .

40 CFR Part 85, Subpart F is . . .

 Subpart F--Exemption of Aftermarket Conversions From Tampering 

Sec. 85.503 Conditions of exemption.

(a) As a condition of receiving an enforcement exemption from the tampering prohibitions contained in section 203 of the Act, an aftermarket conversion certifier must certify the aftermarket conversion system, using the applicable procedures in part 86 of this chapter, and meeting the applicable standards and requirements in Secs. 85.504 and 85.505, and accept liability for in-use performance of the aftermarket conversion system as outlined in this part.

(b) As a condition of receiving an enforcement exemption from the tampering prohibitions contained in section 203 of the Act, an aftermarket conversion installer must:

     (1) Install a conversion which has been certified as a new vehicle or engine, using the applicable procedures in part 86 of this chapter, and meeting the applicable standards and requirements in Secs. 85.504 and 85.505; and

     (2) Accept liability for in-use performance of the aftermarket conversion system as outlined in this part.


Now here the relevant language above is (b)(2) which requires the manufacturer to "accept liability for in-use performance of the aftermarket conversion system outlined in this part"

That means if we design and build it, we must make sure itg used according to the law and that we can have the power to do so.  The only legal way to do this is to license it, even IF it is CARB exempted by order, and the only way we can be assured our product will not be tampered with after design is to license it only and/or lease it out.

The EPA memo makes clear that only closed loop systems can be now used, and this in conjunction with the manufacturer maintenance provision means we must maintain control over being able to  - and being the only party who can - adjust the ECM which is an after market part and uses our after market part system.  Thus we can only license our systems and lease the items out - not sell them outright.

Howevder since that time it has been relaxed to state that vapor fueling may be done so long as it works with the OEM system and does not increase emissions.

If we are then contacted by any authority agency seeking us to force you to comply with law we can then do so or send out any kind of approved upgrade to comply this way.  See for what happens to companies who flout the EPA laws.  A "CARB" EO is considered a Federal Exemption certificate - as we vend under, AND CARB's EO's say essentially the same thing - if the product shortens the life of emission system parts the EO is void.


This is the way it would be done on any engine today with fuel injection and requires things to work with the OEM system.

Our systems are comprised of :

1.  A special piggy-back ECM or ECM's and supporting sensors and / or controllers
2.  A special supplemental fuel injection system
3   A pure gas Hydrogen generator system.
4.  A High output alternator to provide extra power for Hydrogen gas generation  (if you are not drawing amps and using fuel stock liquid fast - you are NOT producing much gas)

This system is the result of years of research and testing going all the way back to 1973.

This is not a "HHO" system nor all the illegal work-around type products that accompany that kind of effort - this is a true lawful Hydrogen bi-fueling system design(ed) according to law.

To be "curt"; there is no such thing as "HHO" gas - the proper chemical nomenclature is "oxy-hydrogen gas" OR "oxyhydrogen gas" - written H2O2(g) - the "(g)" meaning "gaseous"  See the wikipedia wiki on Oxyhydrogen; AND in appreciable amounts will quickly DESTROY the vehicle Oxygen Sensor and - the OEM vehicle ECM CANNOT read non-fossil fuels, AND the vehicle ECM is normally always LOCKED at a 14.7 air fuel ratio for a fossil (hydrocarbon) gasoline fuel to operate.  You cannot get it to work to the maximum benefit possible on Hydrogen bi-fueling, and you will destroy your Oxygen sensor and the engine will behave oddly and perform poorly and unpredictably.  Hence all the unlawful "work-around" products that have been created.  If they adjust or control the ECM in any way they are ILLEGAL, unless EPA exempted or CARB EO wavered to the company that sells it.

A pure stoichiometric mixture may be obtained by water electrolysis, which uses an electric current to dissociate the water molecules:electrolysis: 2 H2O → 2 H2 + O2  combustion: 2 H2 + O2 → 2 H2O   (hence the name "HHO" gas - the subscript "2" is dropped as most email and many Internet text systems cannot print it as that)

While it is often always claimed the energy required to generate the oxyhydrogen always exceeds the energy released by combustion of it, this is NOT always completely true, and there is unused electrical energy available in the use of an engine application with use of a high output alternator.  In essence there is WASTE electricity available anyway in an engine turning an alternator in any application.  There is a huge amount of energy used in making Gasoline and other motor fuels - and transporting it for sale, but no one ever mentions that - and it is FAR, FAR greater than making Hydrogen gas for on the fly use.

Our system will get you the maximum benefit of TRUE Hydrogen bi-fueling LAWFULLY, and can be made to work on most all ECM/ECU/PCM/VCM controlled fuel injection systems - including modern sequential fuel injection systems, and automatically switches to bi-fuel the engine on appropriately metered - fuel injected - maximum amounts of  Hydrogen made on the fly as the vehicle is driven.   (This is what yields high MPG and cleaner exhaust -and it is easier said than done; but we have done it as a lawful product / system) You need to buy the movie to find out more.

Each application is setup differently according to the type of engine control system it has.  We can show you how to LAWFULLY convert a carbureted engine to fuel injection and set it up as this also.

This can be used on Gasoline, CNG, LPG or Diesel engines, - stationary, marine or vehicular.  We prefer to vend this for GM based small block V-8 and V-6 based vehicles, but we will look at all design requests, but may reject such a system design for a non-GM engine based application.

Our systems are NOT a "cash and carry" proposition, and our system is licensed and NOT sold in accord to LAW, and must be setup as we ship it; so approval is required before any vend of the item can be done.

Even on our website - you cannot find the product click "add to basket" and think you can obtain it that way but for few items we will then NOT support you on further - EVER due to how the law is written.

This also is not an offer of free consulting - so do not expect that either, and nor is it a "newsgroup" or forum subject for other sites.  We are not going to explain details of how the system works; except if you have half a brain - you should already understand how and why.  After any car maker or GM simply sells you a car and does not go into design and proprietary operational details of the vehicle design.

It is also not for you to involve yourself in and then attempt  to copy, modify, re-market as your own - or disseminate the information you gain to others - SO read the license below carefully.

What is for sale here is the movie to show you WHY this works - and nothing more, and that above is WHY you should purchase the movie and view it.

For International Buyers, we reserve the right to refuse refund, and/or then make the movie available for direct download if the local mail service is unreliable or is seized by local customs.  700MB



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The EPA memo makes clear that only closed loop systems can be now used, and this in conjunction with the manufacturer maintenance provision means we must maintain control over being able to  - and being the only party who can - adjust the ECM which is an after market part and uses our after market part system.  Thus we can only license our systems and lease the items out - not sell them outright.


Vended under the site license terms.   Any required additional EPA or CARB certification costs for your application are born by the client.  Discounts available for fleet order setups.


Please review carefully the Terms of Service you agreed to when creating your account


Please understand, a large number of people normally want to contact  us with pre-sales questions of a detailed nature, and in that case normally they are ignored unless they have made at least the most basic purchase of the license.





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