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Area 51 has nothing to do with the UFO sightings in the US and World Wide.  Nuclear weapons and  research and missile silos do.

Apparently over 2 million people electronically signed a petition to storm the gates of Area 51 on September 20, 2019.  On September 10, 2019 the originator canceled the planned effort.  It occurred as a whimper of a small collection of people who showed up not really willing to storm the gates of Area 51.

Here in a nutshell are the answers

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The earliest UFO crash occurred in 1897 that is documented with a US Military person present  See,_Texas,_UFO_incident

In 2000, Roberto Pinotti published material regarding the so-called "Fascist UFO Files", which dealt with a flying saucer that had crashed near Milan in 1933 (some 14 years before the Roswell, New Mexico crash), and of the subsequent investigation by a never mentioned before Cabinet RS/33, that allegedly was authorized by Benito Mussolini, and headed by the Nobel scientist Guglielmo Marconi. A spaceship was allegedly stored in the hangars of the SIAI Marchetti in Vergiate near Milan and the info and technology was tried to used in his war efforts.

In fact Italy has its own wiki UFO encounter page at 

In 1936, a UFO crashed in the Black Forest of Germany. Hitler ordered a full scale investigation and the Nazis began reverse engineering the technology. It is generally believed that Hilter in part succeeded in gleaning some of that technology.

Then there is the Roswell incident after the World War Two Nuclear Bombing.    Some involved say the debris and bodies were taken to Area 51 but then moved to Wright Patterson in Ohio

Many have never heard of the "Battle of Los Angeles" where over 1400 artillery rounds were fired at  a hovering UFO without any effect.  See

Then there were repeated UFO fly bys at Washington DC in 1952.  See,_D.C._UFO_incident

Behind that in 1954 it is said President Eisenhower met with Extraterrestrials for an agreement. See and

This may be indeed the real answer to why it appears the US Government has covered up and denied the existence of Extraterrestrials.  It was allegedly part of the agreement to do so.

Why ???  Extraterrestrials have been coming here for Millennia mostly for Water for fueling  their ships with Hydrogen made from the water and for Oxygen replenishment and the easy access to Gold used in electronics and space travel.  Their technology is not something we can touch as they have demonstrated.  The DOGON tribe in Africa knew of star details before modern man discovered them saying the ET's told them.

Heck, man is too dim-witted and cash greedy to stop drilling for oil to pollute with and warm the atmosphere and simply develop a Hydrogen fueling infrastructure with the Water lying all about.

The supposed treaty above prohibits the government from revealing to its citizens the treaty or the fact ET's exist in exchange for help with technology and allows abductions so long as the names of who were abducted is provided.  So while the government cannot "tell" people they ET's exist, they can release video that only an idiot and a fool would not see it as true they exist - which is what they did.  This is the opportunity for anyone out there who has a clue how to accomplish this kind of flight to  come forward, from the Internet "crowd sourcing" the release of this video represents.  It involves however navigation technology and magnetic anomaly detection and interstellar mapping none of  which mankind's technology currently has. 

The ET's however are validly  concerned that man is so stupid with blind curiosity and aggression it will destroy the planet with Thermonuclear weapons and tests that tear away eventually the atmosphere.  Then there goes the only liquid water source for light years around.  It will either freeze solid after the atmosphere strips way or will evaporate into space.

All the evidence points to this is what happened to Mars.  There was a Thermonuclear war.

The US even detonated a Hydrogen bomb in space that altered the Earth's magnetic field.  See also what a North Korea hydrogen bomb would do to the Pacific Ocean and space stations by the  PBS NewsHour which is a good dissertation on the issue so,have a look at it!  and Hydrogen Bomb vs. Atomic Bomb: What's the Difference? | Live Science] at and  and of course as to the space detonation

It is a good bet the ET's got more than a little pissed off by that space Thermonuclear  explosion  The very fabric of space and navigation is done using magnetic fields of celestial bodies and that explosion - just an unnecessary "lets see what happens" action was absolute idiocy.

It is a very good bet  and factual reality - that man has what is viewed as a defective brain compared to the Extraterrestrials due to the primate brains "inferior supra credulus" which is supposed to be the part of the brain which deciphers reality and decides what to store in the brain's memory banks.  The problem with the primate rational brain is if it is not taught what reality truly is, it will make up an answer and mistakes that for rational, valid thought.  Because of the brain having a need for pleasing itself with the chemicals of dopamine and serotonin, of all the creatures on the planet man makes up a version of reality simply because it can and there is no predator above the humanoid primate.  This results in all kinds of irrational rationalizations.  simply put, mental illness. 

Because humans are aggressive (another trait due to genetic issues ) - humans have - as the result of several world wars - come up with the deterrent of Thermonuclear weapons to keep each other at bay.   The problem is humanoids are so irrational and competitive that it is a very good bet they will release Thermonuclear weapons over a minor dispute and thus destroy the habitability of planet Earth.  The humanoid brain defect could be said to center around a gene named WTF1- funny name yes.  (What The F__k 1 )  See 

The issue is the inferior supra credulus does more than show or be responsible for gullibility in humans, it is responsible for "good sense" as the gatekeeper to information stored or not for future thought and decision making.   It is what tells your brain you can do something totally crazy, reckless and life endangering - and survive.  After years of reckless breeding by humanoids - it is now becoming more prevalent in the general populous in addition to the brain never have been taught what is reality and thus rational thought processes.  To humanoids it makes perfect sense to drill holes in the planet to deplete the oil reserves and to harbor so many Thermonuclear weapons of such immense power it will destroy the habitability of planet Earth.  A drug to handle WTF1 may be developed - but a better action would  be to genetically breed to eradicate it by suppression and keep it gone in future generations.  Would doing so replace creativity - with logic more so ??

WTF1 is responsible for the "me too" thinking and copy-cat competitive atmosphere and attitude of humanoids on such issues like homosexuality to the point of surgical transgender actions and allowance of other unnatural deprecating activities of the humanoid group as a whole.  What one has to remember is the humanoid brain is a rational brain which learns to think by past experiences.  No person gets here by same sex relationships - so what kind of thought rationalizes that it makes sense to carry on and behave homosexually in a way to even marry like it contributes to society ??  What it does is teach other lost brains this is OK and rational.

Because of things like this the ET's are now monitoring everything nuclear here on the planet.   Most UFO sightings are near nuclear installations and missile silos to see if they have been removed.  The UFO craft are clearly policing the planet.  Things may be reaching tense issues between governments and the ET's  as the ET's have demonstrated they have control of our Nuclear arsenal, and did so to open a 740 ton missile silo cover  by levitation to open it  and then arming and de-arming the missile - several times at several places around the globe. 

On "Ancient Aliens" Season 14 Episode 14 the person being interviewed clams the cover was 20 ton, but that is not likely as one cubic yard of concrete weighs 4000 pounds - or two ton - and one cement truck carries 10 yards minimum and that would be 20 ton - and the load from one cement truck will not be enough to make a missile silo cover.  See the specs for the Titan missile site at  and

To all those people who say the ET's did not build - or assist to build - some of the wondrous Ancient Structures by lifting huge boulders into precarious places and fit them so tightly as man could not have gotten them there - here is your modern day proof documented by military records today.  Not only could they left them - they could laser sculpt them too to fit perfectly. As the saying goes uttered by by Jack Nicholson as Kernel Jessup in the movie "A Few Good Men" -- "You can't handle the truth".  If what Bob Lazar says is true that alien craft can create and manipulate gravity - as that is how some of them fly - then certainly the craft can lift and move huge heavy objects the same way they allegedly fly.

The truth is most all governments of the world KNOW the ET's  exist, and they also know they have NO WEAPONS or monitoring technology which will work against the ET craft at all and further the ET's can disarm our computer aided and electronic weapons anyway including jets and missiles.  They could frankly turn of most any military jet in mid flight if they so wanted. What humanoids should be thankful of is that they are not like Earth humanoids of they would have destroyed the human race as a huge genetic mistake they created long ago.  See "The Earth Chronicles" by ​Zacharia Sitchin.  

Visit the History channel ( and watch Episodes 12 and 14 of Season 14 of Ancient Aliens at the very least.

There is a series called "Contact" on the CW which is documenting the Nuclear connection and that the ET's are taking water though the series seems to be staffed by a cast of people on the show who are clue-less and are saying so with dramatic effect like they are discovering something - big but they just cannot tell what.  It is actually embarrassing to be so dim-witted and on open public view.  That is happens when non-science types try to explain scientific rooted phenomena. 

Both of these shows may also be available on re-broadcast web sites for play or download.  Get and watch  the entire series of Ancient Aliens from season one if you can.

There is also a series called Mysteries Decoded" on the CW and in episode 4 entitled "Area 51"  the female hosting the show says how "scared" she is - Jennifer Marshall - so much so you can see her trying to convince herself this just cannot be.  There is a huge battle raging among the sexes as to how men and women have different brains - but she is a typical scared female in disbelief.  Here is a link to a recent book on the subject - written also by a female.  Directly a book review by the New York Times basically in the review says don't waste your money.  It is at   The book says men and women behave differently because they are treated differently in society and that is what causes it.  In essence that is why females are more dim-witted. 

Gina Rippon too is wrong in her analysis of the brains of men v woman.  ( Gender and Our Brains ) Her conclusion is the brains are the same.  Physiologically they are not and cannot be - and the book is another female trying to claim they are equal to men.   At no time would a male brain ever need to change the body to give birth or in the process of pregnancy so in that fact the brains are not the same and never can be called that.   Sex to a female does not feel the same as to a male as the organs are in difference as one plugs in and one is a receptacle.  This is where rational approaches mental illness.  The terms "Brain Plasticity" is thrown about but the simple truth is the female's concentration so much on the fact they are female is what makes them different - but in that is where something that no test can measure which is "instinct" comes into play. 

Bob Lazar ( ) in "Mysteries Decoded" on the CW in episode 4 entitled "Area 51" is shown in a clip explaining how he is convinced the ET craft fly, and while he is not quite fully correct on what he says, there is still no way Man is anywhere even remotely close to being able to do that and navigate gravity fields and slip stream distortions.  So frankly the truth is governments - aside from the Eisenhower agreement which appears is an Executive Order, and is still a valid "treaty" prohibiting the US government from telling the people of Earth of the ET's; it is absolutely true the actual fact is to do so would create such mass hysteria and pandemonium it would rock religion to its core and the world would become a crazy place to live with people fighting and killing one another and committing suicides once they know their government cannot protect them from this unknown  superior species that man has always cast as monsters of one type or another.  Worse, there are claims there are between 57 to 60 different ET species that have visited Earth and may come again and that  all are not friendly.  People would run about screaming OMG - OMG - when there really likely is no "God" - only the concept of one who laid down how to behave . . . and it appears that was actually the ET's themselves - which humanoids promptly ignored anyway.

Lazar claims element 115 ( ) is how the ET craft fly; however it in itself is not a power source.

There is one likelihood that is greatest, and that is Man has an intellect level too low, and an aggression attitude too high to be given the keys to the kingdom to get off Earth and fly the cosmos.  It is a good bet, the ET's will do as much as possible to assure man does not escape planet Earth into the universe as a perverse mentally ill species which conquers and kills.  For right now the ET's will come here, get water and quick other resources and leave and wll not introduce themselves beyond what  they already have.  Even if they sent a model of how to restructure our governments and civilization  and genetic modifications and  breeding attitudes to create higher intelligence of man over time, it is clear no one would listen.  Oh wait . . . it appears they already  tried that once too.  We called it religion and turned it into an industry for the gullible and used it to justify crusades of warring activities against one another exactly against what it said.

So the Extraterrestrials need the Water and then is Gold that was freely found at that time in history. See and the book and book series titled "The Earth Chronicles" by Zacharia  Sitchin.  Available on

How this relates to UFO's and ET's will be covered more in detail later but for now - a simple question can be asked and inferred as the answer.  Which sex will grow the civilization - the one which focuses on her offspring and family and nesting - or the one which focuses on discovery, thinking and building and testing things.  The brain at its core is different at birth - just like a person with left hand tendencies is different because of the hemispheres of the brain and how they are responsible for a type of thinking.  The list goes on and on - and so follow this article series through the links at the bottom of each successive page to learn more.

BUT . . Area 51 has nothing directly to do with the ET craft  - UFO sightings going on worldwide. 


Is this above what humans were supposed to look like ??  Probably . . . 

The above pic is NOT re-touched or photo-shopped, or of a decreased person, but is a baby with hydrocephalus.  It was once known as "water on the brain" and the child survived with a shunt to drain it and then surgery to reduce the skull which by the time she was treated had grown into hard bone.  The issue is for you to imagine the cranial capacity for the brain to grow to occupy!!  See   She certainly looks like an Extraterrestrial - or at least how humankind often depicts them . . .  or maybe not "depicted" . . .  take a look at the skulls below - shown to be by genetic testing suspect of being Extraterrestrial.  Only a baby can grow a skull this large before the cranial joints harden.  If this is a recessive genetic trait - where did it come from??

The scientist doing the dna analysis concluded . . . :"It had mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. But a few fragments able to be sequenced from the sample indicate that if these mutations may hold we are dealing with a different human-like creature very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans, ".

"We are dealing with a different human-like creature very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans, " - as said - they have been coming here for millennia.

All those skulls above have about 25% more cranial capacity than Earth humanoids.  While the skulls are evidence humanoid type creatures could also be the Extraterrestrials, it is the genetic defects of the cross breeding millennia ago that Earth humanoids have accentuated into dominant genes like WTF1 and the all the other physiological anomaly genes which makes Earth humanoids not all they think they are in their own minds.  Earth's civilization is by copy-cat across the globe and some research is dangerously close to an ability to destroy the planet like trying to create black holes artificially with particle accelerators.  Earth humans still have a an Earth primate brain - enhanced but still without continued genetic care in continued breeding - is slowly returning to its primate origin with the added ability to walk and talk and build.

Mankind should be grateful the ET's are not murderous sorts as man is - or they would have wiped Earth humanoids out  a long time ago.  The fact is the ET's realize and know it is a genetic flaw honestly inherited from our primate side of our past but man is not improving and it appears this behavior is now getting irritating as they Police the Earth and the dangerous activities occurring on the Earth.   There is a famous utterance from the original Moon landing - switched over to the medical channel where it was secure and others could not hear - "they're here and they're watching us" - but it is documented for those who know how to find it.

This has got to be a joke to them - the ET's go to the Moon in a flash, and mankind is clunking around on Earth like cockroaches unaware - looking at the sky "what's that" and then dancing around to the "Gods" thinking then how smart man is from technology mostly pilfered from somewhere else anyway or launched and lead by usually one man that spreads.  Without  Wernher von Braun there would been no landing on the Moon, as American Rockets were blowing up on the launch pad.  Then they had to turn the project over to the Nazi import.  See i.e.  Did the Nazis also get a head start from a UFO crash in the Black Forest n 1936??  Without help - to copy cat from - the truth is Earth Humanoids and the way the Earth civilizations are formed and operate - are just not that smart.  Earth Humanoids buy or steal technology from someone else to "reverse engineer"  and then think they are smart.  The copied advances of Earth humanoids in 50 years does not make it so.

Man spends huge amounts of time and money punching holes in the Earth's crust, destabilizing the plates to get oil and destroying the place we live when the planet is literally covered with renewable clean fuel that will not warm the planet.   That alone does not appear so smart.

You wanted the truth - take it for what it is or fantasize it can't be true if that makes you feel better.  As said - "You can't handle they truth".

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