Return of Mankind to its origins

Mankind loves to use the term mankind "evolved" from the primates.  Mathematically to have "evolved" as well as with a high degree of probability this is not true.  If mankind evolved from the primates - the apes of the Bonobo and Gorilla - why are there still these species about ??

If you did not come from you should go there to start the reading

Make no mistake that the character of any person or creature is what are the genes each individual has.  While designer babies  are a long way off - (not to the Chinese however) the next best thing is to do a full genome sequence of who you plan to have offspring with and yourself  and see what you may well be getting.  There are basically two dominate brains in man - the rational or the logical brain.  They are not actually separate, but one controls more than the other which is hidden in the genes as to which one and surfaces by a tendency to right or left handedness.  See  It has to do with hemisphere dominance in the brain, and much of that if not intrinsic by genes is influenced by early years after birth of conditional exposure and learning stimuli. 

There  is a condition called "nonsyndromic-holoprosencephaly"  which like down's syndrome is fairly easily identified by eyes set close together in the head that reveals a possibility that the brain may not have formed properly.   See,(hemispheres%20)%20during%20early%20development.&text=In%20the%20less%20severe%20forms,usually%20set%20close%20together%20(hypotelorism)  It is more common than you think, and it leaves an intellectual disability, where people are gullible and blame others for influencing them.  Right now there is someone - a freshman in the January  2021 group,  in the US Congress on the Republican side you can look at and see with wonder is this why she is so crazy.  It does not mean one cannot function it just means they suffer an intellectual disability and are slow to "get it" and to learn.  They are usually also combative. 

On the flip side a person with eyes spread far apart is not on aesthetically pleasing - but is usually more intelligent as well.  Look at some popular actors and actresses.  Take for example Perdita Weeks, the woman who plays "Higgins" on the new "reboot" Magnum TV series.  See or google "pics" of her.  There is a rule of thumb, if ones' eyes are closer together than the width of one of their eyes - the eyes are too close together and one should look at have a brain scan done.  There is more science to this than you think, and it is likely to be Genetic.

A full genome sequence is cheap now $600 at this writing and as low as $200 - see Genetic research into brain makeup is a very young field of the gene sciences.  However it is known things like Autism, aggression, alcoholism, gullibility Alzheimer's and skin cancer tendencies are genetic.  There is even the woman who along with at least 30 others were duped by a fraudulent sperm donor profile and "bought" genetic autism for her children buying "hot" donor (alleged handsome man) sperm for her lesbian lifestyle to start a family.  In the end her partner left her and the nightmare of the autistic children.  See

Is this above what humans were supposed to look like ??  Probably . . . 

The above pic is NOT re-touched or photo-shopped, or of a decreased person, but is a baby with hydrocephalus.  It was once known as "water on the brain" and the child survived with a shunt to drain it and then surgery to reduce the skull which by the time she was treated had grown into hard bone.  The issue is for you to imagine the cranial capacity for the brain to grow to occupy!!  See   She certainly looks like an Extraterrestrial - or at least how humankind often depicts them . . .  or maybe not "depicted" . . .  take a look at the skulls below - shown to be by genetic testing suspect of being Extraterrestrial.  Only a baby can grow a skull this large before the cranial joints harden.  If this is a recessive genetic trait - where did it come from??

The scientist doing the dna analysis concluded . . . :"It had mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. But a few fragments able to be sequenced from the sample indicate that if these mutations may hold we are dealing with a different human-like creature very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans, ".

You may have a recessive gene that paired correctly could produce a genius - or at the very least save yourself and any offspring from a horrible genetic illness or future scenario of one.  People will argue and disagree on the effect of genes and intelligence  but there is a saying - "never argue with a fool - listeners cannot tell which is which".  But humankind's cranial size is actually shrinking and humanoids are getting dumber.  The human brain has lots of potential but one must get and have control of their own self to harness access to its capabilities.  A brain as large as the head of that child above directed into proper educational growth - could be formidable - oh wait that is what Extraterrestrials are . . .  formidable in technology we have no idea of today.

Worse yet, human brains have a myriad of defects causing aggression, and a combative, competitive and murderous nature, and a tendency to fantasize and believe fantasy more so than if truth is put before them.  Most everything that is a form of  human "entertainment" is one or the other - murderous or fantasy - or a mix of both.  Follow the "gullible" link at the bottom to learn more.  Most people think competition is good - but it is just another way to fight each other

Extraterrestrials . . .  yeah right . . . 

Every day - or better said "every night" Extraterrestrial (ET) craft visit this planet and tank up on Water.  Many people say and believe they are trying to help mankind, but the truth is they do not want the planet destroyed - as in a Thermonuclear conflict  with the size of bombs and warheads we now have will rip a hole in the atmosphere leading to a collapse of the atmosphere and then evaporation of the liquid water into space and the death of most life on the planet Earth.   All evidence points to this is what happened on Mars.  Currently man can do nothing about it - and if they tried it would be with nuclear weapons and the same effect would happen.   So they come and go quietly mostly, and most governments know they coming and going - but have not put together the Water gathering seriousness.  Google Thermonuclear and atmosphere for more.

There was a recent well witnessed alien abuction in Arkansas.  See and

Do not worry about them landing to make contact.  According to some documentation in government files, they already have, but  Mankind is far too dim witted for the ET's to want to be bothered.  Even you would not intentionally meet with and befriend someone you consider to be an idiot.  But another thing is for sure - where their craft have landed or crashed, nothing seems to grow anymore and it seems to often be radioactive for years to come.  Water that hits it immediately adopts surface tension and beads up like Mercury balls do and will not penetrate the soil.   This scorched earth reality is alarming as crop fields could be done so.  Earth is the only planet for light years around with liquid water for the taking . . .  are they are taking it.

Mankind launches water off the planet never to return when we launch hydrogen fuel.powered rockets.  Man has an interesting civilization that despite fuel lying all about the surface of the planet that is renewable as water vapor that returns as rain to the planet that does not leave the planet when split as water and the Hydrogen is burned, we let ET lifeforms come here and take it under our noses.  Instead we destabilize the Earth's mantle causing earthquakes, tectonic plate movements and other seismic shifting by extracting oil and burn it polluting the air we breath.   Mankind thinks it is smart - but compared to ET technology mankind is dumb.  By the time Mankind realizes what is going on - it will likely be too late - again.

We chase them around like cat and mouse with military jets - with governments refusing until now to admit they exist as frankly they could do - and still cannot do - anything to stop them.

The ET's must be laughing.  Their intelligence is way beyond man's, and they are not helping us so much as helping themselves make sure we do not destroy their liquid fuel and water source.   Nuclear war strips the atmosphere and life on the planet is gone - but so too goes the Water into the vacuum of space or at the best freezes everything here solid.  Earth life is a balancing act.

Mankind had its chance with the ET's when man was first created but proved to be of too low an intelligence and too high of an aggression level when gene spliced into existence.  If you believe the Adam's rib story of the Bible - well then it shows your low intelligence, your gullibility.  They have no reason to introduce themselves to us - again - given what happened in the past and how warring mankind has shown to be by instinct.  Man shoots first it seems.  The worst feature of the human brain is its tendency to fantasy or be easily amazed - and to fantasize man often confuses that with being creative, when being creative is the act of doing something that can be achieved as real, fantasy is something that can never be and believing it is truly real. 

The human brain suffers seriously from fantasy such to the point it will try in most people to do everything possible to make something not real - appear, be explained as, justified or be real.  Transgenderistic  tendencies and actions to a surgical level is a prime example and one of mental illness.  The world is a reality as what it is and an inability to recognize that is a defect in the brain and second worse is man brain for most is a rational brain which justifies by learning, rather thinking logically as some other creature brains do on the planet - and about 10% of man.  Only a logical society would ever be a high tech advanced society of all the inhabitants of it - not just selling it.

Intelligence in the normal range is a polygenic trait, meaning that it is influenced by more than one gene, more specifically, over 500 genes, and is thought to be 50% to 80% genetic in origin. The heritability of IQ for adults is between 57% and 73% with some more-recent estimates as high as 80% and 86%  according to conventional wisdom so if you breed pretty and not smart - you breed to dumb down.  See

Worse, the reality is man actually has a "primate brain" - that is man has the hidden instincts and drives of a primate - yes an Ape.  "The Planet of the Apes".   The improvements of walking and talking do not change how the majority of humanoid brains work.  They are still monkey brains.  The difference is in how the brain can learn to solve problems and resist tendencies to fantasy or murderous tendencies, and like everything else in and on the body there are also two brains separated and known as the left and right hemispheres and a specific set of genes determine the strength of the  tendency of which brain we are going to use.   This is a genetic flaw.  Probably apes do sit about all day fanaticizing about things we likely will never know without a study to see what they pick for a reward as a preference for fantasy or reality and learning.  I know where my bet goes.  Primate  behavior studies in the wild depicted in the documentary "Jane" (as in named for Jane Goodall) show what happens when work or learning in required.

Then it comes down to cranial capacity and quality and type of the educational information presented.  It begins with the stimuli presented to the baby after birth.  The more and sooner the baby is forced to solve problems logically the greater the logic side of the brain will dominate.   Most people believe coddling and loving the child is the thing to do, but it is actually the WRONG thing to do.   The rational brain learns from surroundings - good, bad, or by manipulation it can do and or how to escape having to do work and think, and the logical brain attacks a problem by its pieces to solve any conundrum and enjoys solving the issue usually.

The rational brain usually goes from thought directly to speech, or to acting on the thought.  The logical brain does not see much of society as making sense so it usually does not act on illogic.

Patricia K. Kuhl, Ph.D. and her brain study lab at the University of Washington ( ) has published studies clearly showing what a parent does in the early days of the infant's life on earth will set how the brain operates for life.  If you let a baby cry and manipulate to get what it wants - and we often see that well into adulthood even, then that is how they will see the world works and think forever accordingly.  Sadly this is most people.    One of the best ways to get the brain to use both halves of itself it to learn to play an ambidextrous musical instrument - like a piano or woodwind - or even drums, and yes guitar to name a few.  Those instruments force one to use both hands at the same time and engage both sides of the brain.  A tell-tale sign of logical thinking is the tendency to left-handedness.  If one keeps providing challenging stimuli to learn and figure out, that builds "genius" thinking in the brain - also called "critical thinking".

The brain may appear mysterious - but it is not - what you store in the brain's memory every day will determine how well it works.  There are metaphysical things a disciplined and certain genetically endowed brain can also do like remote viewing and astral projection, but for the majority of man - they are doomed or graced in early childhood by what their parents do to and for them as infants and children.  Mankind may all "look" alike but genetically what is under the hood is something man is just now beginning to study and see how important this is.  For years indiscriminate breeding or for some inbreeding genetics have turned against them.  Worst case scenarios see and and as well as   There is a town in Central America where from in breeding the Skin Cancer gene is now dominate and they csn only come out at night and many have disfiguring and deadly skin cancer.

If you believe this is some kind of random "work of God", your head is just up in a dark place.  All of true history points to genetic creation of man by another Extraterrestrial (ET) life form who wanted to initially colonize this planet from the primates.  The weather, sunlight, gravity and microbial life to name a few were hazards to them.  Splicing and dicing genes like we create breeds of dogs today to make man - proved disastrous getting the physical attributes finally - but never being able to improve the brain much to meet the standard of who they were.  No species would intentionally "dumb down" - they desired outcome just did not work.  Man retained the instincts of the primates and worse became over sexed - as just as prominent as is in the primates, it was really accentuated in man.  This also interfered with what the ET breeding process was trying to purely accomplish.  Today man's cranial size is actually shrinking due to in part indiscriminate breeding bringing back the primate genes that were spliced to be recessive. 

Who man breeds with determines future  health and intellectual issues.

Then location will affect what access to education continues development - for instance Papua New Guinea has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world for a place that has technological  tools among the indigenous people.  They mine gold and refine it with mercury burning off the mercury as vapor not knowing doing so in open air can damage or even kill themselves doing so.   Whereas growing up in a tech center city like Cambridge Massachusetts - the home of MIT - finds even the lower schools staffs by bright capable teachers creating a trickle down effect to education.  ET life would not seek to befriend creatures known to be illogical, and murderous.

The problem is the brain generally craves chemicals to please itself, and instead of logical thinking it does rational thinking in most people.  That raving for self satisfaction is what causes people to do hideous things they think at the time makes perfect sense. That "BS" reason to justify how they just failed at something or cannot do it or that someone is standing the way of them wanting to do.  This is a form of mental illness - and all of society loves it and adopts it to justify their actions as "thinking" - that crap talking "BS" - or over embellishing  speech to claim what they are about to do. Dopamine and serotonin are released to pleasure the brain even though it is a rational and logical lie.  The biggest "BS" talkers are usually the least capable people trying to convince themselves they can do something.  Then they usually promptly fail.   Where this is found prevalent today is people channeling their inner primate swinging from gymnastic challenge to another on the "Ninja Warrior" TV shows.  It may be "fun" as they say, but they are spending time and money to behave like a primate in the trees. The wrt are murderous acts they think at the time makes perfect sense and then a belief they can lie their way out of it.  More research is needed but seldom does one find logical brained people in this 

A society with technological advancement is not the same as an intellectually advanced civilization.  The first just uses technology sold by others and the second is one where parties both use and understand it.  Mankind is the first - and as mankind approaches the implementation and use of Hydrogen Fusion, it is likely that Extraterrestrial civilizations have been using and powering space travel with it for millennia by ion drive and magnetic repulsion principles.  Clearly they come to Earth for fuel - to get water to make Hydrogen.  Mankind's brain power and scientific and technological knowledge is nowhere near even approaching how that works in space travel to use portals and slipstreams that clearly most scientists now agree do exist to leap frog about the universe.  Man has its first ion drive soon to be used in the DART project ( but man is nowhere near the advanced abilities of the UFO craft.   

Most of mankind is not ready to let go of the "God almighty" created us biblical concept and realize Extraterrestrial intelligent life exists - has gene splicing technology - and has been coming to earth for millennia - for water as Hydrogen fuel stock mostly.  The primate life which is Mankind on the planet is a curiosity that wants to war and fight and act in other ridiculous ways - with no clue who is taking resources from the planet.- with man flying about in Hydrocarbon propelled craft when there is literally completely recyclable clean fuel all over the planet as liquid water.  The extraterrestrials  MUST be laughing.  They could hover near an F-35 - our most advanced "flying computer" jet fighter - and simply turn it off in mid flight without firing any kind of weapon with their own version of "near field communications".  One would have to say mankind is a bunch of cans short of a six pack.  They have done it with man's nuclear weapons - it is a joke to them.  See the show Ancient Aliens season  14 episode 14 titled  "The Nuclear Agenda" which can be found at the History Channel  at or at

One thing is for sure . . .  and today is being investigated - at least by the Chinese . . .  all humanoid brains are not created equal - genetically - as well as between the sexes.  The female brain is more emotionally based and male brain is logically based.  Google a search "female brain v male brain"  and see - without emotion to your own sex and beliefs - the wiki page at  See for a further primer a Google search for "gene splicing intelligence" and the two articles and

One thing is equally certain, the female largely wants to nest and have offspring as being important - and the male wants to build and explore - in solitude - usually - and this is primate instinct and society.  Man needs to realize no matter what it wants to believe it is still a walking talking version of the primate with 98 percent of the DNA of the primates - and have their instincts and operation of society.  See This is as opposed to a society which places education and discovery first.  Females largely shun education, math, science and logic... Not all but certainly the majority. Here is where mankind has screwed the pooch.  Behavior and a pattern of thinking logically is learned in addition to the genetic abilities of the dice you were rolled. Most parents play with their children when the brain is in its maximum capacity of learning - and unknowingly doom their child to mediocre thinking. See

Mankind always assumes no one was ever smarter than what it has knowledge of today about genetics.  See   But given the advanced technology seen everyday in UFO sightings and the way they perform, genetics may well be a detailed specialty of an advanced civilization - culture.

First one must try to imagine how an advanced civilization as an Extraterrestrial must be as that trains, treats and expects of its citizens.  Certainly it cannot be anything like mankind, because the mess of management of mostly dim-witted people just would not support technology as the Extraterrestrials have and if they were like us they would have annihilated us by now to take the planet.   Then one must look at the human brain and the inconsistency of intellect and think in terms of what level of lower society as garbage men - if even those roles have not been automated or removed by technological means against what we would call an astronaut today.  More importantly mankind does not think logically - it imagines and then plainly looses logic in fantasy  Most of the entertainment world surrounds the world of fantasy.  It is a mental illness is what that is. Even then mankind was so close to crash landing on the Moon - it needs to view how many mistakes it makes - and how much technology is pilfered from elsewhere to be honest with itself as to if mankind is really that smart after all.  After all Extraterrestrials can remotely arm and disarm the Nuclear arsenal of man by just hovering above a missile silo, and so they have never really shown the limit of their abilities.

So it is simply more likely mankind was gene spliced from the apes by an advanced species or civilization hoping to colonize the planet.  This is not as far fetched as you might want to initially in YOUR mind believe.  Today - and Extraterrestrials always have harvested water from the Earth for fuel to make Hydrogen.  See a curious show on the issue they seem befuddled about  what is happening when a UFO craft was seen sucking up enough water to drop a lake 20 cm. at  (That is the show "Contact" Season 1 episode 3 )  [The site is a sort of monkey crap site where you have to dodge, backup, close  and recycle pages to get around the ads they try to launch persistently ] There is also a good argument Extraterrestrials are trying to manage volcanic activity on the planet Earth to keep it from blowing in which case if the atmosphere goes - so does the water.

There is a claim of "accidental" genetic brain enhancement by Chinese scientists.  Of course in an advanced society this would be no "accident" as it should be a goal to improve mankind's intellectual being and to decrease genetic breeding which does the opposite - as mankind is currently doing.  See and and   and

MCPH1, or Microcephalin is a gene which "appeared" about 37,000 years ago (any time between 14,000 and 60,000 years ago) and is the leading candidate for the reason humans have greater abilities than each other and the primates.  "Appeared" is a curious word.  As the Chinese show above in article at it could well be the basis for mankind's existence.  Still someone had to TEACH language and other things - it appears as the Extraterrestrials did.

It will not be long before somebody says ethics be damned and attempts outright to engineer a human baby with a super brain and puts the living result on a full feed education immersion. 

In an article at titled "Did another advanced species exist on Earth before humans?" it cites and references a paper published at Cornell University here => In a mind-bending new paper entitled “The Silurian Hypothesis”

It simply says as old as mankind is - we will never find absolute proof there was not an advanced civilization responsible for our creation as mankind.  Bob Lazar's wiki page states "He also claims to have read US government briefing documents that described alien involvement in human affairs over the past 10,000 years"  ( )  Not saying it ain't so, but Bob did first pass a polygraph test as should similarly should anyone who claims ET information firsthand. 

Let us take a few factors into account in accord the paper above.

4 billion years ago Mars likely had water and life on it  

Entities living on a planet like Mars due to its 1/4 the gravity of Earth would not be able to stand on Earth for long - the gravity would be far too great

They would likely be tall and thin if humanoid like 

In order to inhabit and move to a place like Earth - two things would need to be done - to get a more robust and muscular body, and one that has immunities to the natural microbes and virus and bacteria of the the new world, or their immune system would not let them survive breathing air or stand up here.

At the time the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event occurred around 66 million years ago and primates appeared about  man appeared as far as we can tell most animal species flourished and became extinct long before the first monkeys and their prosimian ancestors evolved. While the earth is about 4.54 billion years old and the first life dates to at least 3.5 billion years ago, the first primates did not appear until around 50-55 million years ago.  

That means apes appeared 50-55 million years ago  and so while our ancestors as mankind have been around for about six million years, the modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years ago. Civilization as we know it is only about 6,000 years old, and industrialization started in the earnest only in the 1800's.

The problem is "evolution" just does not happen that fast and actually mankind more so "appeared" than evolved.  And by appeared means engineered and then placed on Earth.

One thing is clear - humans act more like monkeys than an intelligent species.  This is where instinct poisoned the ET effort. Mankind walks upright and has the ability to speak to one another in a language and this is probably the most detrimental thing to the advancement of mankind.

Primate society

Here is the issue with animals - there is an aspect of any animal brain - called "instinct" no one can see any genetic way to change of the donor stock to be gene spliced..  A dog is a dog, a snake is a snake, and they will all behave as that creature instinct believes it needs to survive.

Here is the thing no one knows if the Extraterrestrials knew what they were getting . . . primate societies - all of them it seems - are female run societies.  When a male reaches age of maturity he is ejected from the troop to go find his way elsewhere.  

Why this is - is anyone's guess genetically, but this instinct has carried into mankind's society yet today whether mankind sees it or not.  Man . . .  as a sex allows this because of obvious reasons . . .  called today . . . commonly   "happy wife happy life".

Note is made of this because the creature with the larger and logical brain that builds an especially technological civilization is  the male . . .  sadly it is also the one that is laced with too much testosterone and will first instinctively  fight and war with one another.   It is loose - loose.

The obvious problem is having females lead or manipulate a society does not lead to high tech civilization growth and advancement.   To jump to a conclusion - mankind's civilization will almost certainly never reach the level of advancement that the Extraterrestrials certainly now have. This is mentioned because no one can be sure even the extraterrestrials  knew this when gene splicing the primates initially to create mankind.  

In the book The Chariots of the Gods ( see the Wiki page at the thesis is the Extraterrestrials are who launched Religion, and if so built into all religions is the suppression of the female.  Is this for what reason - smaller brain size, concentration of the female on sexual behavior, or tendency towards an instinct for offspring raising - just what ??  Of course there is the smaller size and pattern of thinking and emotional reactivity versus mathematical preference to figuring things out and building things.  Of course still today to mention brain differences of females and male leads to emotional triggering of discord.

Of most all the forms of life on the planet Earth monkeys are hard to train.  They are obstinate and can be unpredictable.  Sounds like the person next door does it not??

It was instinct for Mankind to refuse education.

Animated, intelligent, eerily "human," monkeys are among the most fascinating animals on our planet. That's why monkeys would seem to make delightful pets. But, unlike dogs or cats, primates (all monkeys and apes) have not evolved over thousands of years to live compatibly with humans. Monkeys are not domestic pets. They are wild animals ill-equipped to adapt to the alien world of their human cousins. Keeping primates happy and healthy in captivity is difficult, expensive and time-consuming.  Just as this is true Mankind has never adapted to live with itself - instead it wars with itself.

As you think about bringing a monkey into your home, please consider the following:

Are you prepared to live with a wild un-trainable animal?

Never forget that a monkey is a wild animal. Like raccoons, their infant friendliness fades as they reach adulthood, when they become aggressive and can attack with the slightest provocation. Most monkeys you see on television or out in public are very young; adults are rarely seen outside of a cage. Even hand-rearing an infant primate does not stop this natural change in behavior. In fact, depriving a baby monkey of a normal relationship with its mother and family group can result in a lifetime of neurotic behavior.

Can you deal with the mess?

All monkey homes share something in common: broken lamps and housewares, shredded curtains, unearthed house plants - not to mention the unmistakable odor.

Let us "assume" an advanced civilization felt the primate frame would be the best basis to gene splice to - guess what they found out - the intellect level of themselves was polluted and diluted and the intelligence level just did not pass on.

Instead they got a humanoid who refused to be trained and was prone to attack and escape the learning environment to run free.  It is still the same today . . .  they quit school and run wild . . .  if society lets them and in America at least it is rampant today to leap for public assistance money as a free ride.

Lets say the advanced civilization species tried over and over again - producing what we have now found to be  the "races" of the planet - and each difference between the prior generation were separated by the creators by moving them to another part of the planet to keep them apart and retry again.  Genetically a few superior intellect kinds were produced - and it did nothing but create prejudice to the lower  previous forms of humanoids.  Evidence and historical record shows all of mankind was very aggressive to others especially not looking "like" them.  It is still that way to this day   Genes in non directed breeding are a crapshoot. 

The biggest problem and most surprising thing probably was that the  female was especially obstinate and driven only to reproduce and copulate.

What kind of civilization would this bother ??  

Let us imagine egg layers or even reptilian egg layers of which the actual  society educates all members equally and there is no family unit.  Hard to imagine - but much of wild life on Earth is this way.  Turtles, and snakes and many reptiles lay eggs and leave the young when born to find there way by instinct and fend on their own.  As do fish - but not the mammals of the seas.  Birds on the other hand raise their young only to a certain point and then - out of the nest they must go.  The Peregrine Falcon - the fastest animal on the planet teaches its young to hunt at high arial speeds - and then after a small amount of help they are on their own.

Humans on the other hand coddle and care for their young for life.  It goes on for generations  So long most would say - that the youngers never really have to stand on their own and they cry and return home at a moments notice.  They also usually develop the prejudices of the parents good or bad.   In the wild primates let this go on for 10 to 14 years, and then especially the males, are kicked out.  The point is humans buck even the instinct trend of nature.

In short many times the  youngsters resist schooling and wait until they are physically large enough to be adult and then just go out into the world doing whatever they want to do and this is the basis of crime and aberrance in society from theft and lies to sex change operations popular today.  Not all societies allow this - but in America - especially it does.

There was a time when one had to actually work and be something to be accepted in society but now at least in America - no more.

The problem is men and women hate each other but want what the other has.  Women want to be physically larger and able to fight - and men want attention at the drop of hat for how good they look.  Both want sex from the other.

Now that brings us back to the egg layers - sex and raising young is not a part of the equation.  Sure they are not copulating for pleasure but at the same time the young must survive or perish on their own.

Imagine an advanced civilization reptilian not ready for the aspect of sex, pleasure and the female equation in distracting intellectual advancement.

Historical record shows that some kind of advanced civilization space faring force was here on the planet helping early mankind advance - and then it appears they gave up and left.  Watch the History channel's  Ancient Aliens from the first season to the current one.  At this writing it can be found on at

You will have to monkey with dodging redirects and ads but when you find one of the domains that have it from the first season - book mark it and then manipulate the browser to change episodes and seasons. Also you will be eating lots of bandwidth to play or download what are usually 300 MB or larger files.

Mankind then adopted the "God" paradigm, a belief that some force or identity from the sky is the father of life.  this became Religion - and now mankind talks to the air like it is some kind of power or right thing to do.

There is simply more evidence that some kind of Advanced civilization life was hear and influenced mankind substantially - if not indeed creating it initially.

The truth is the "God" paradigm that as an amorphous entity  created mankind with magic is another form of a refusal to think.  It is no different than the global warming mindset floating about today that mankind is not causing it.

OK if you are God toter - god bless you.  It is God or Science but you cannot have both.

If we as mankind were to make an intelligent informed choice to settle this planet knowing there are more things on it that can kill us faster than not - we would likely not do it.

If gene spliced to the existing life form and created a species dumber and more combative than ourselves would too would abandon it.

It is more likely that if an advanced civilization did exist before the advent of man - that we are gene spliced from the apes in an attempt to settle the planet and it failed so they left.  What they got were slightly more intelligent apes that can talk and fight on a new more unorthodox way they decided to give up on, but because the battle would never be won with the female uninterested in logical  learning being the way reproduction is accomplished.

Heck there is even a violence gene - as couple in fact from the primate side of the equation.

This is not sexist but scientific fact - that can be found and seen in all the research into the female brain starting with the work of  Louann Brizendine and forward.

Now we have discovered that Genetics have a HUGE amount of influence on the caliber of the human brain, and that indeed genetic management should be what is being done, yet most governments have made genetic matching - or matchmaking illegal for either medical or ethical designer reasons.  China so far has not.

In essence what is now going on is we are returning to the ways of the monkey world and were are getting "dumber", and a search of " mankind is getting dumber " on the Internet will yield all the ways mankind has adopted and makes ok being less intelligent as if it is OK/  One of this authors favorites with links is at   There are lots more.

For Elon Musk's SpaceX to launch a Tesla Roadster into an orbit about the Sun complete with a manikin in a spacesuit - is - well what it is -

Mankind is on its path that will never change as long as we coddle each other and support ridiculousness and have made an industry that surrounds death like life is supposed to never end. Sadly the truth is mankind's behavior would not be one to know what to do if a true global catastrophic event happened on planet earth of which none of us could escape - and at that time the craziness of the human brain would show what it is as a monkey brain running about in circles and screaming.  There are plenty of them looming.

In the meantime the moon of Mars - Phobos - appears to have a huge monolith on it.  Hmmm.

One thing is absolutely mathematically clear, mankind is destroying its own habitat by both the idiocy of over population and climate destruction  by its own developed technological means burning fossil fuels.

It took 150,000 years for humans to touch the 1-billion population mark in 1800, and reached 2 billion in 1927. . Today, there are over 7.8 billion of us at this writing in January 2019, on this planet. Of these, 2 billion have been added after 1993 – in the last 24 years. According to the United Nations, our population is expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100. And that, many scientists believe, is the maximum carrying capacity of the earth.

The issue isn’t the number of people. If a space to provide shelter is all we were focusing on, there is enough room for all of us. The trouble begins when we start measuring the ecological footprint of this burgeoning population – the amount of biologically productive land and water a person requires for producing the resources it consumes.

The other issue is the quality of life issue as to how and where will these people derive a living since technology is actually taking away jobs. 

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN believes that some 11% of the globe’s land surface is being used for growing crops at the present. An even bigger area is being employed for livestock grazing. To produce 1 kg of wheat, between 500 and 4,000 liters of water is required.  1 kg of chocolate, meanwhile, requires a whopping 17,196 liters of water. Another 15,415 liters of water go into producing 1 kg of beef, while 1 kg of chicken meat necessitates expending 4,325 liters of water.   However, of all the water on Earth, more than 99 percent of Earth's water is unusable by humans and many other living things - only about 0.3 percent of our fresh water is found in the surface water of lakes, rivers and swamps.  That is a big problem, because 96 percent of the earth's water is in the Oceans and we cannot drink salt water without de-salinization and the ET's are taking water from the planet.

How smart are humans now ??  We are nowhere near the technology that can detect alien craft and defend the planet without killing us all in a Thermonuclear conflict we would start in stupidity.

As the paper further up in this post shows - we cannot prove how far back any Advanced Civilization may have existed or become extinct - or just left in their space craft - but we can say with pretty good certainty that all of mankind's DNA does not look like it was of Earth's origin and mankind appeared on Earth too fast to have evolved from anything already here - but rather gene splicing seems to be more of a logically probability.

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