Gullible Nature of Mankind

It is hard for some us to understand how some people fall for and believes in ridiculous things.  Well . . . . that is because gullibility is GENETIC, and lots of people have the WTF1 gene weakness.

It sure explains Religion . . .  of ALL kinds.


One has to face it - Religion - of all kinds is basically "public fraud", faith in a "untouchable" and "nonexistent" deity and  belief of how mankind should behave towards fellow man - which is fine, and valid, but to make it into a business of sorts is "public fraud".  If it were not for the the US Constitution declaring freedom of religion, many things many "churches" do would be illegal.   Nothing wrong with the "concept" of religion as a form of behavior that should be followed, but execution of it as an actual punishable reality by an untouchable deity is promoting fantasy on a mass scale and it plays to this genetic defect in the brain.

This author even immediately at 4 or 5 years old never believed the Santa Claus story as one which was more likely  lie, nor in fairy tales or super heroes.  This author just wondered why his parent was lying to him, but at 4 or 5 years old - to get free toys you have to play along. This author believed in things that actually might be even if not have happened yet.  Now I am curious if I have the WTF1 gene and I know for sure I was born left handed as my mother said so and there was the 90 degree angle "right-angle " spoon in the silverware drawer that proved it.

But that is not the worst part of the human and primate brain.  The nucleus accumbens is.  See  and   The plain truth is the brain just wants to be pleasured - it wants the body to release serotonin and and oxytocin and it will make the body - that is YOU - and trick YOU - to do anything it knows or can recall that causes that to happen.   If your brain is trained to rely on others and does not know to to rationally critically think to problem solve - it will take any shortcut it can find handy, drug, sex, music,  manipulation to get away with something, killing, what ever it finds pleasurable.  The humanoid brain model needs genetic reengineering badly as does the way humans raise themselves to think.  Likely that will not happen soon.  The nucleus accumbens is why some people are just plain "crazy" absent drugs these two regions are why people fall into cults and actually believe in religion before they will search for and believe in scientific fact.

Man will not accept that the primate brain is a humanoid brain and the fact humans can walk and talk - does not in the 2% of DNA separation between ape and man make smarter than a primate only more "learned" because of the teaching systems of mankind.  See a study on the issue at  titled  "Communication and the primate brain: Insights from neuroimaging studies in humans, chimpanzees and macaques".

The professor, who led the research into this "gullible nature" phenomena, said that a part of the brain called the inferior supra-credulus was unusually active in people with a tendency to believe horoscopes and papers invoking fancy brain scans. “This correlation is so strong that we can speculate about a causal link with a high degree of certainty,” he concluded.

This discovery using a brain-scanning technique called fluorescence magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which can read people’s thoughts with an incredible degree of accuracy, just slightly better than chance. His results are published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychoimagery.

When studying individual neurons within the supra-credulus, it was found that gullibility was associated with the activity of a single gene called WTF1. The less active it was, the more feckless people were. This fits with existing evidence, for faulty versions of WTF1 have already been linked to a higher risk of being Rickrolled and buying the Daily Mail. 

The researchers described their discovery as “the holy grail of behavioral neurogenetics”.and claim, “It’s a real breakthrough. In theory it means that we can fire a magic bullet right into the heart of sensationalist media stories. We can develop vaccines that stop people from buying things on the grounds that the packaging has a smiling farmer on it or that they’re endorsed by the cretin who may or may not have lost Big Brother.”

Some religions of the world really play on this gullibility and one infamous one is Scientology.  When people wake up to the incredulousness of how they have been brainwashed they cannot believe it themselves.  Leah Remini is one of the most famous people who indoctrinated as a very young person when awakened, went about documenting and exposing the atrocities of Scientology through a TV series picked up by A&E TV currently in its 3rd season at this writing. Find it at and it has been picked up by many repeat show viewing sites around the web like where you have to go through fighting with pop up ads and dodging malicious sites as advertisers, but it is viewable from the first season on through tot the current episodes.

Sadly, the Jehovah Witnesses and Church of Latter Day Saints and the Mormon are all close behind in how they operate on their "parishioners" to guilt trip and manipulate them to threaten them with affects of teh after-life it they do not comply with the church ways and policies.

The team that discovered this has been collaborating with a nutritionist to develop a vaccine and together, found that they could completely stop the activity of neurons in the supra-credulus.

The fMRI scans also revealed that the supra-credulus was more active in the brains of women than in men.   Given that the female brain is fundamentally different from the male brain and is ruled mores so by emotion - according to a renown neuropsychiatrist, it would stand to reason.  The Female Brain is a book written by the American neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine in 2006, and it launched a firestorm of research to look intot he difference in the male and female brains - and what was found in the end was very sobering indeed. 

Sadly the truth is the human brain and body craves the release of endorphins, and mankind ha sought the release of them in many ways, from drugs, to nicotine, to adrenaline and the all time favorite of course, is sex.  When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.  You can find much more on the web at various places such as and others.

The point is there are various ways to release the feeling of pleasure, and those who are scientific types, like solving complex puzzles and enigmas of the world around them, and that is usually all they need.  People who are not scientific in nature - find that the belief in a mysterious thing is what makes them happy, and there they find the sense of purposed in a faith that is really just an accepted a belief of a group of others.. 

The sad reality is - many people are so busy wanting to "belong" to something they are sucked into being duped out of often hard earned items and cash because they are "so excited".  Hmmmm . . .  Hah . . .  and this is how the con artists take advantage.

It is also often called and mistaken for "love"

The sad reality is much of mankind is doomed at birth because they are never taught to learn to think and analyze and hence are thus easily duped because it is actually physically painful to late in life try to force a brain to think in ways it never has.  

Mankind coddles itself and self perpetuates its own failures by not being able to break the chains of who they are - it is so unlikely a simple farmer with raise a a rocket scientist without external intervention, and of course how could it ever happen if the child stays coddled to the coat tails and apron strings of those who know so little ??

So the truth is the belief in "family" is what dooms most of mankind . . . as it inhibits anyone from excelling to new heights.  In  fact - with the advent of technology today it results in a movement in a negative direction - people are getting dumber.  "Google" it for yourself to see how.

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