Gender and Our Brains: The Correct Perspective

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There is a fight going on in the scientific community about the human brain.  The female has a smaller brain than the male, and females are writing books and doing research to try to show this does not make a difference.  A book was written by Gina Rippon titled "Gender and our Brains"  ( ) claiming the reason men and women are different is because society treats them differently as they grow up.  Partly true.  There is a review of the book at

Sorry Gina, but you completely miss the mark - true as to the social psychology issues - BUT - male and and females do have physiologically different brains.  It is scientific and common sense they do - a man will never need to control his body to pregnancy for reproductive genitals, and has no instinct to WANT to have a baby - they want to have sex, and this is just the beginning.  A man sees a child as an anchor or responsibility a woman does not, they just want the child to nurture and do not think of the cost initially until reality sinks in after the birth.  Men do not even think that way, as they want a female for company and sex - and family is ok to come along with it.

There is a simple site that explains much of the brain  and the hemispheres and their functions at however it is not that simple.  And see  Everybody does not get the same brain at birth - the genes of the parents influence it heavily.  It will cast the limitations upon the brain to the child. 

At the core of the issue is the fact that mankind has a primate brain that sees the world from what it perceives as a pleasing experience.  A pleasing experience is one that releases the pleasure chemicals into the brain of serotonin and dopamine.  It then files that as a learning experience for later recall in a problem solving matter.  The problem is if what happened is perceived wrong - according to Gina - this why women think differently than men.  The wild card is the part of the brain called the  inferior supra-credulus can be called  a humanoid's fantasy center as discussed more below is a major part of mankind's thinking process.   This in part is why a drug addict makes no sense in how they think.   In females this is more active than in males, and anything that begins to release the pleasure chemicals of the brain to it is why many females are more gullible than men.  In short humans have a defective brain that seems to lack wisdom in learning.  Today artificial intelligence is becoming dangerous because man fails to see its own defective brain that is largely not logical.  In a show called "Strange World" in episode 7 of season 1 this is covered.  It is broadcast on the travelchannel ( and can be also found at

The problem starts empirically genetically at the inferior supra-credulus which Sigmund Freud called the "id".  This vulnerability starts with teachings of Religion and when one realizes that is poppy - cock, they search elsewhere.  It is best explained by a show in the series "Explained" about cults found at  You should use the browser to change to season one (change s2 to s1) also and watch all of its episodes.  It just happens that the female brain wants so badly to believe in fantasy that the female is most vulnerable.  Oh yes the male and female  brains are very different physiologically. 

Why is it - the question must be asked - that the human brain needs validation from another??  It does not - it is just that most people "think" they do.

The sad truth is humans seem to get most all things "wrong" in how things are seen.  There are huge Engineering Catastrophes that there is even a TV show about.  See found on the Science Channel at   What they need is very careful concentration to be sure their thought process is unadulterated.  Humans believe they need one another and it is not true, it is simply desired so it is said to be true.  People say they will go crazy without company, but the truth is they need to fill their brain with learning and facts, not other people's issues.  But most people are so nosey that they cannot take being "NOT" told about someone else's life, and that is where men and women differ again.  Women chatter almost incessantly about their personal  lives, and while men - if they talk about their lives they usually talk about their conquests as they see them.  This is what kills many relationships between men and woman - they feel they must know something they should not be told, and then if told they cannot keep it to themselves.  Many times in an analysis scenario they see something as they would have done it - because that is how a rational brain makes decisions and when peppered with fantasy - it is where embellishment and boasting come from.  How they "think" they can do something, and then usually promptly fail when they try.  This is the defect of the human brain - it is really just a primate brain and instincts.  Most humans learn and think by "monkey see, monkey do" and they convince themselves it was an original thought.  Two NOVA  show episodes about where the domesticated Dog and Cat come from explains the human condition also.  Genes are genes - no matter what animal.  See "Dog Tales" and "Cat Tales" at and also available at and searching for "Nova" and the names above.  The long and short is primate instincts remain inescapable in humanoids

Many male female relationships fail frankly because the female version of making sense - usually taken in such an adamant stance - starts with a preconceived notion that may start in the middle or the end of the issue but makes perfect sense to the female because of the way the brain stores decision making components from past experiences.  If the female has no experience upon which to call up, it will interject fantasy to complete the thought process and we call this often "fear" or a "desire".  In both cases it is fantasy.  Against artificial intelligence or even a more advanced species that thinks more logically - as shown on the shows above - being beat at thinking releases the wrong chemicals into the brain and it can be a result ranging  from crying to violence.   So it is all about feeling good and keeping your brain feeling happy.

Man's society is completely structured wrong to address man's defective brain to build a better more organized thinking process from birth.  Most all of media as broadcast teaches mentally ill concepts, man thinks is entertainment.  Reality TV shows show how far this goes and the longest running "Social Experiment" on TV is "Survivor" - where the watchers get see up close and personal how defective thinking gets one booted off the show to "Outwit, outplay and outlast" the others.  It could be said it teaches how not to act, but it also teaches people how to be nasty upon one another in what appears is justified lying, in an attempt to win a monetary prize of 1 million dollars in the Unites States version and slightly less in other country's versions of "Survivor".   How the females do this is usually interesting as they ban together and are picked off one by one for lacking the mastermind under handed strategy to survive the game.  Even though cast on a castaway marooned setting, it is not about actually surviving in the wild so much as it being underhanded - and the contestants go in knowing they are in no danger with medics and filming crew nearby which has clearly the area of predators and dangers.  Overall "Survivor"  it is a show that definitely sends and teaches the wrong message because it also fake and has "challenges" for rewards and most people actually come on the show and do not have the first survival skill - including making fire.    Conversely a show with survivalist Bear Grylis - of about the same filming span of time, does the opposite - and this season has peppered the island with random amounts of $10,000 to $50,000 air drops of cash ($1000,000 or pounds as the British call it total)  that IF the contestants find it,and survive to the end, they keep it,  Two pairs of resourceful contestants only into episode 2 have already found one drop of $35,000 and $10,000 to split among themselves, have told no one, and STILL they must survive on the island without aid other to quit which one 20 year old female promptly did.  The series is at

One group of three truly survivalist men considered leaving the others to fail, as they sat around camp doing nothing when they found a huge source of drinkable water on the other side of the island.  That would include the females - who were doing nothing but waiting on the men to feed and take care of them.  Oh yes the brains are completely different.  Why would you even come on a show like that with no skills to take care of yourself.??

Not a popular show because it truly a reality survivor show.

Critical thinking in humans is simply never taught until too late - usually in the college years - and it generally fails even then.  To agree with Gina this is where social psychology comes into play - but not just for women - but for both sexes.  This is where proper and continuous training of the brain from birth is critical, and females are at a two fold disadvantage, first their brains are usually smaller, and second their tendency to fantasy and "emotional logic" due  the part of the brain called the  inferior supra-credulus more active on the female thought pattern is a deal breaker.  "Instinct" is not something that can be found pointing to any region of the brain, but in females the need for attention and to be admired as an aim towards sex and ultimately reproduction - almost no female escapes.  Most men could care less and today there is a big sex toy life like doll business - as shown in the show above - along with homosexuality in which some men choose to escape and avoid the female issue all together.

Intelligence in the normal range is a polygenic trait, meaning that it is influenced by more than one gene, more specifically, over 500 genes, and is thought to be 50% to 80% genetic in origin. The heritability of IQ for adults is between 57% and 73% with some more-recent estimates as high as 80% and 86%  according to conventional wisdom so if you breed pretty and not smart - you breed to dumb down.  See

Unfortunately the culture in which the child is raised and the educational stimuli and how soon it begins is what will have the most impact on developing the intellect.  The truth is there is a world wide crisis for education - and correct genes or not - those children in crisis countries will really fall though the cracks never to return to pursue development and feeding their brain. See 

 It has to do with hemisphere dominance in the brain, and much of that if not intrinsic by genes is influenced by early years after birth of conditional exposure and learning stimuli.  A full genome sequence is cheap now $600 at this writing and as low as $200 - see Genetic research into brain makeup is a very young field of the gene sciences.  However it is known things like Alzheimer's and skin cancer tendencies are genetic.  There is even the woman who along with at least 30 others were duped by a fraudulent sperm donor profile and "bought" genetic autism for her children buying "hot" donor (alleged handsome man) sperm for her lesbian lifestyle to start a family.  In the end her partner left her and with the nightmare of the autistic children.  See

Is this above what humans were supposed to look like ??  Probably . . . 

The above pic is NOT re-touched or photo-shopped, or of a decreased person, but is a baby with hydrocephalus.  It was once known as "water on the brain" and the child survived with a shunt to drain it and then surgery to reduce the skull which by the time she was treated had grown into hard bone.  The issue is for you to imagine the cranial capacity for the brain to grow to occupy!!  See   She certainly looks like an Extraterrestrial - or at least how humankind often depicts them . . .  or maybe not "depicted" . . .  take a look at the skulls below - shown to be by genetic testing suspect of being Extraterrestrial.  Only a baby can grow a skull this large before the cranial joints harden.  If this is a recessive genetic trait - where did it come from??

The scientist doing the dna analysis concluded . . . :"It had mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. But a few fragments able to be sequenced from the sample indicate that if these mutations may hold we are dealing with a different human-like creature very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans, ".

You may have a recessive gene that paired correctly could produce a genius - or at the very least save yourself and any offspring from a horrible genetic illness or future scenario of one.  People will argue and disagree on the effect of genes and intelligence  but there is a saying - "never argue with a fool - listeners cannot tell which is which".  But humankind's cranial size is actually shrinking and humanoids are getting dumber.  The human brain has lots of potential but one must get and have control of their own self to harness access to its capabilities.  A brain as large as the head of that child above directed into proper educational growth - could be formidable - oh wait that is what Extraterrestrials are . . .  formidable in technology we have no idea of today.  Some people say between 57 and 60 species of Extraterrestrial have visited earth and that might explain the difference in the skulls above.

It appears after birth maybe the human skull was meant to have been expanded so the brain can grow immediately to fill it.  Perhaps this is what the plan was at least in part, but as man is today; without genetic repairs to the brain defects of aggression and fantasy and gullibility in general man's civilization as an intellectual species cannot advance with a small cranial size as it has - which is also coincidentally shrinking overall.

Screen Shot above from "911" the TV show of an actual "actress" with an "extraterrestrial size" head.  The writers made a joke of it with a screne where the cast as a Fire Department and Rescue  respond to a call for a person with their head caught in a Hair Drier getting here hair done for an audition as an actress.  Nothing is known about the actress except it is not make up on her head.  The thing to notice is as an adult her cranial capacity is at least double what most all humans have.  Nothng is known of her intellect level except to say and prove a human can survive and grow a skull that large.  It is unknown but possible this person above was a baby with hydrocephalus.   What limits a human brain is actual storage and processing space - which in the human brain is very close to one in the same.  With good medication and foods to feed the brain - also called "focus" foods and drigs the learning capacity of this person higher than a person with a small cranium.  One has to remember this still has nothing to do with the genetic make-up of the persons brain for ability to learn.

"The largest skull documented in medical literature belonged to a retarded man with a cranial capacity of 1,980 cm³ (120 in³). Although the shape of his skull was normal, the cranial capacity of a human skull averages at between 950 – 1,800 cm³ (57.9 – 109 in³) depending on age and body size."  That is according to the Guiness Book of World Records website.  Still that range is almost a 100 percent difference.  Cranium size is both memory and decision making ability - a.k.a. problem solving.  Sorry - but females consistently have small craniums and the pic above is an exception certainly to both rules in humans.

Gina's book starts with Phineas Gage - a railroad worker who had a steel rod shoot through his left hemisphere and survived and did well for many more years.  His behavior changed to be more abrupt, but that is where Gina's theory applies, everyone treated him like a freak after that and he got gruffly.  It happens today with people who suffer a disability and people begin to treat them different.

What Gina fails to start with and understand is all primates - including most of man - have a tendency to have a rational brain while only 10% - usually identified by left handedness - have a logical brain.   This has to do with what side one predominantly uses.   This is the design of the brain as dealt at birth - and babies are helpless until taught things.  This is where one must be careful - but most people as parents are not - if you put garbage in - you doom the child to the gloom of an inability to critically think because the pathways do not form correctly and human brains think by recall of what they have seen elsewhere.  Hence they never learn to truly think - but only to copy what they have seen elsewhere.  The instinct of females is to reproduce and largely it consumes them plain and simple.  It starts with playing with dolls as little girls.

A logical brain baby is fairly easy to spot - they tend to be "escape artists", favor their left hand and learn things fast.  They think differently at the core because they are using the left hemisphere of the brain to instinctively problem solve from birth.

Gina is correct that because of the way society treats them influences their thinking but the females with the smaller brain tend to NOT want to problem solve because they can GET AWAY with crying for what they want in a manipulation move - and it goes on often well into adult hood.

When pressed with logic or mechanics  they fail, and when challenged they TALK a big game they can do what a man can do and then they usually promptly fail.  This is reality as observed.

The real problem is the brain structure of the human brain.  Let us assume mankind is a designer creature, and they aspects of the human brain are influenced by genes from an external source spliced in.  The Chinese have put human brain genes into monkeys to see how the animal will change.  See

The problem is and will be - is you cannot really TAKE OUT genetic features and so features already there compound the thought process.  The human brain has a gullible part and so do the apes. See

Man will not accept that the primate brain is a humanoid brain and the fact humans can walk and talk - does not in the 2% of DNA separation between ape and man make smarter than a primate only more "learned" because of the teaching systems of mankind.  See a study on the issue at  titled  "Communication and the primate brain: Insights from neuroimaging studies in humans, chimpanzees and macaques".

The professor, who led the research into this "gullible nature" phenomena, said that a part of the brain called the inferior supra-credulus was unusually active in people with a tendency to believe horoscopes and papers invoking fancy brain scans. “This correlation is so strong that we can speculate about a causal link with a high degree of certainty,” he concluded.

There is an episode of Strange Evidence where a chimpanzee is fooled by a cup trick and he breaks out laughing.  It was a simple slight of hand trick while the chimp was made to focus on the cup.  The episode is titled "Giggling Mice".

This discovery using a brain-scanning technique called fluorescence magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which can read people’s thoughts with an incredible degree of accuracy, just slightly better than chance. His results are published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychoimagery.  This is covered in greater detail at

The fMRI scans also revealed that the supra-credulus was more active in the brains of women than in men.   Given that the female brain is fundamentally different from the male brain and is ruled mores so by emotion - according to a renown neuropsychiatrist, it would stand to reason.  The Female Brain is a book written by the American neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine in 2006, and it launched a firestorm of research to look into the difference in the male and female brains - and what was found in the end was very sobering indeed. 

Sadly the brain size influences how much is can STORE and recall, so smaller brain size does mean the male and female brain is different in thinking power.  You hear females say all the time that math study of logic gives them a headache.  This just is what it is.  Treating them different in society will not cure this.For instance another creature with actually a larger brain than man is the dolphin.   Mankind views something and gets it wrong by its observations time and again.  Dolphins of the same alliance do not fight - but they will be aggressive to an outside clan.  When a a calf was witnessed being born, almost never seen - two male dolphins pushed it under water repeatedly.   The witnesses thought the males were trying to kill the baby.  I think they were pushing it under water to force it to learn to hold its breath immediately after birth.  24 hours later it was still seen alive.  if the dolphins wanted to kill it they could have easily done so by more than trying to "drown" it.  Dolphins are air breathers - as mammals - they are not "fish".  See  Dolphins are so smart they are seen by some as "persons" that live in the sea

Mankind is a murderous sort - so they immediately see this in other animals - and while it does happen, the truth is the female dolphin would not have it in her to do that to her baby immediately - so the males cycled the baby under water and the mother brought it up - repeatedly and they allowed it.  There was an instance where a wild dolphin who swam with two persons a year earlier - had gotten tangled in fishing line, and though dolphins are always in groups she waited in the same area alone - and then the next time the diver was in the water - she swam to him with a scream - and stopped and showed him the line and hook in her fin.  Waited while he worked to gently cut it off - left went up for air and came back down so he could finish, and then circled him with short squeak and swam off.

Dolphins have larger brains and as social creatures can live in groups or alone, but it is man who has difficulty thinking.  The dolphin brain is completely different from the primate - and mans' -brain.  Even if different dolphin  groups fight - they are not murderous. 

Sadly the truth is the human brain and body craves the release of endorphins, and mankind ha sought the release of them in many ways, from drugs, to nicotine, to adrenaline and the all time favorite of course, is sex.  When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.  You can find much more on the web at various places such as and others.

The point is there are various ways to release the feeling of pleasure, and those who are scientific types, like solving complex puzzles and enigmas of the world around them, and that is usually all they need.  People who are not scientific in nature - find that the belief in a mysterious thing is what makes them happy, and there they find the sense of purposed in a faith that is really just an accepted a belief of a group of others.. 

It is also often called and mistaken for "love"

The sad reality is much of mankind is doomed at birth because they are never taught to learn to think and analyze and hence are thus easily duped because it is actually physically painful to late in life try to force a brain to think in ways it never has.  

Mankind coddles itself and self perpetuates its own failures by not being able to break the chains of who they are - it is so unlikely a simple farmer with raise a a rocket scientist without external intervention, and of course how could it ever happen if the child stays coddled to the coat tails and apron strings of those who know so little ??

So the truth is the belief in "family" is what dooms most of mankind . . . as it inhibits anyone from excelling to new heights.  In  fact - with the advent of technology today it results in a movement in a negative direction - people are getting dumber.  "Google" it for yourself to see how.

See Finally

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