Mankind's social flaw

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One of the biggest mistakes mankind has made it to let the young play when the brain is developing pathways and should be taught discipline and critical thinking.  See e.g

There are three kinds of people in the world

1.  Those who make things happen

2. Those who know what happened, and

3.  Those who wonder what happened

Most fall into class number three.

Once a child is allowed to go down that road - it is hard to recover - and it is actually painful to critically think and problem solve.

Genetics is everything any creature is.  Genetics determines what kind of brain you get, which is something most parents never consider.  what you do with it is conditional, upn education and surroundings but what you are able to do intrinsically is genetic.

This show episode at the end shows the extremes genetic manipulation and specific can do and the issues it can cause. =>

Probably the worst genetic feature of man is the ability to form noises to allow spoken language.  Just that fast with what someone says is a window into their brain and how well it is developed to logical processing.


As the wiki page intimates, brain size and thus intellect level is directly related to early exercise and use of the brain starting from infancy.  You wait and it just does not grow and develop the pathways needed.  

That is a huge social flaw in letting children play and be dim witted - and excuse their failure to think as though they cannot think until they are older.  They cannot think until taught and that can happen ASAP.  In the animal world, the infants that do not learn to beware of their surrounding and to hunt are usually eaten by a predator for being dim witted.

Which one has a brain defect??  They both do as cartoon characters

The issue is that genetic ability is paramount, and usually cranial capacity is related but it does not mean anything without the proper conditioning we call learning.  But the genetic world is now appears there is ancient possibly alien DNA which helped make that two percent of DNA that separated mankind from the apes.  See

Mankind argues about everything without relevant facts and logic. As the saying goes "never argue with a fool because listeners can't tell which is which"... as usually they both are. See for yourself

There is a plethora of UFO and alien based TV shows, but some of these shows miss the obvious question of what would make mankind that advanced. The answer is more working in science and math which will never happen as long as as mankind fights over the existence of a God.  An example of a British show that illustrates this is Family Brain Games.  It can be found at

Not to be funny but look at the forehead size of the contestants which indicates large cranial capacity.

It has been discovered that DNA as a building block of life is common throughout the universe so this alien mummy found on earth could be both human and alien. In simple terms as far as the entire DNA thing is concerned there is no such thing as an alien.  See

Psychology is a study of the most powerful reasons for the brain to think as it does due to circumstances and conditions it may experience.

Psychiatrist is a medical profession that approaches behavioral disorders that can be treated as a result of a medical or genetic condition.

Neither discipline addresses or consider the scientific origin of mankind.

Only recently has it been scientifically proven that the male and female brain at the core of thought operates differently.

The sad social flaw is mankind has not been knowledgeable to what extent breeding based on the intellectual nature of one another is paramount above race or appearance

It sounds ridiculous but any animal breeder knows this or one risks introducing undesirable and unpredictable traits.

Humans in the know practice breeding of intellectual traits over physical traits, and soon genetic evidence will be made in the same manner

Anthropology is.the study of human societies and cultures and their development and   the study of human biological and physiological characteristics and their evolution and / or a paleontologist

A  forensic anthropologist is an expert who applies the study of physical anthropology and human skeletons in a legal setting, usually in criminal cases. ... A forensic anthropologist applies standard scientific techniques developed in physical anthropology to identify human remains, and to assist in the detection of crime but when done antiquity with DNA and carbon dating it is also called the study of evolution.

Today the things thought about evolution are being turned into a world of different thinking because DNA points to the appearance of mankind may well be designer by minute dna splicing and selective breeding from the apes.  There is a Gorilla in a Philadelphia zoo that walks upright on two legs and behaves more human in accordance with what he sees around him from creatures who look much like him to him..  See

What the ancient world of Extraterrestrial DNA manipulation and cross breeding or gene splicing could not get to pass was increased  cranial capacity and reliable logical intelligence.  One can breed a hairless cat but the brain and instincts as way of thinking remains the same.  Primates have a rational brain influenced by what they see, and we call it "monkey see, monkey do".


When the brain is allowed to languish without focus and discipline it leads to and Inability to to think at all which in today's world in search of dopamine leads to drugs, alcohol and abuse in sexual search for pleasure.  See for example,

With the advent of reality-based TV shows it is extremely easy now to see into depraved minds.  The funny thing is that the people with them cannot see how sick they are.  Social media both illustrate the problem and provides a platform. See for yourself

The sad thing about this is that the gullible nature of many people creates a hole in the social fabric of the world.  There are a few reality-based shows that are wizard of OZ types that manipulate the content of the show by high tech appearing aspects which are postured as fate. 

If human beings are designer creatures - the ancients may well have noticed these genetic flaws of the primate brain which passed or was created by the gene splicing in their own attempt to build a version of themselves to be able to withstand the planet Earth's gravity and atmosphere and creatures and diseases.  The ancient Egyptians illustrated the failures of the attempt.  Tutakamen and most of his family had elongated skulls with a larger cranial capacity.  Cleopatra was an engineer and mathematical wizard but that is not always spoken of. The concept of religion is introduced as a Santa Claus effort to steer society and slow the breeding process but today it is all a failure and mankind has let all of it loose to the point of religious war.

King Tut's Great Grandma above - looks like she has an elongated skull

The major issue is that mankind is just now learning how deep genetics go into mental health and intelligence go at birth which can be worsened by poor circumstances of conditions and learning.

Given the span of time and place of the emerge of upright primate homo Erectus mankind was either a failed attempt to gene splice or cross breed to colonizing the planet or an attempt to make a designer creature to mine resources as postulated in the book "The 12th Planet". (search our Amazon Store)

Mankind is oblivious to how dim witted it is. ,have a look at this !

All man does is ask and blunder about and generally the female thinks of little at all but sex and having offspring..

UFO  craft can activate and deactivate Earth's nuclear weapons and monitor Earth's defensive posture and so it does not become another Mars

Yet the biggest flaw of mankind is its fantasy.

Most of mankind believes a God created them and there is no life elsewhere.  That is the genetic flaw in the brain of most of mankind.  Reality and probability. 

Mankind was a genetically engineered species sharing 98 percent DNA with the great apes and there is no evidence enough time passed for evolution to have occurred, and initially the mankind version as first bred had large elongated skulls with 25 percent larger cranial capacities and now without proper genetic breeding to maintain the feature man's cranium is getting smaller.   Genetic breeding is NOT racial breeding. - it is a feature breeding just like is done today with dogs and other purebreds.  Man is even now speaking of doing it to create now future astronaut quality specimens of people.

There are a host of recessive Genetic diseases that occasionally pop up up which are throw backs to the origin of the gene splicing with the apes

This dovetails empirically to the belief of many that in the cross breeding there were problems getting the intellectual level of the host dna species to pass to the ape hybrid reliably.  The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depict time and again head wear  that appears to cover an elongated skull.  Many stories say they were not completely human as we know it today and this reality seems to be proven in dna analysis of elongated skulls known to be :natural:. that have 25 % more cranial capacity.  See and

The scientist doing the dna analysis concluded . . . :"It had mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. But a few fragments able to be sequenced from the sample indicate that if these mutations may hold we are dealing with a different human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans:".

Even if man did evolve who got it started on speech and basic survival as a and upright species??  How did the Egyptians come to be so advanced ??  The answers are written all over the walls in hieroglyphs all about the world.  The Dogon people of Africa have a particularly interesting proof of facts about themselves knowing of astronomical bodies before they were discovered.  See

One thing is fairly certain is that the human female vaginal canal would likely never be able to pass such a skull in childbirth of almost any of those pictured.

In the end the human is both empathetic and gullible but socially refuses to analyze the situation of the world of the earth and universe.

Because of this flaw, if earth was sought-after there would be no way to protect the world from what would likely be a genetic issue to wipe out mankind as it exists today.

Is mankind putting emphasis on the wrong areas of life ignoring an intellectual and scientific advancement of mankind ??  

It is not a question of if there are more advanced civilization species of life out there - we know there are as they visit earth regularly and some say even live here in a clandestine manner, the question of what mankind wil be able top do if a biological or genetic - biological  anomaly finds its way to earth that affects mankind.  Currently nothing as too few people are in science and not enough know their fields well enough to respond fast enough.

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