Mankind's genetic flaw

Mankind is an illogical and low intellectual capacity species.  If man wasn't they would not be dreaming of things like a mission to Mars and colonizing the planet and terra-forming Mars when the evidence is that 300 million years ago there was a nuclear holocaust on Mars that killed the planet and any life living there.  As the saying goes "Google it" !!  a Manned mission to Mars is grandiose ridiculousness - not because it might not be able to be done but because there are far more pressing things right here on Earth to solve first.

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When allegedly 100 UFO craft appeared in 2004 near the aircraft carrier group Nimitz well within reach of the radar in formation and flew as slow as 100 knots they were sending a message we are here - and you cannot catch or of fly anything like what our technology is.  Get over it - we have been here all the time.  See also  They can come and go and evade our radar like making a sandwich for lunch.  Here they wanted to be seen and in force.  Yet what is amazing is that people were amazed at all, as there is a quiet treaty in place and has been for some time if we leave them alone and do not prod and be nosey - they won't destroy us.  After all we have been teaching them all they need to know about our DNA and how to do just that if they need to.

Commercial Pilots traveling from London to New York during the Shag Harbour UFO incident ( See ) contacted the radar control tower who confirmed they saw them but not the UFO they were looking at out the window.  Of course they declined to file a UFO REPORT, but this confirms common radar will not see them, while sensitive military radar usually can.

A and E Networks created a show with Executive Producers: Tom DeLonge, Steve Ascher, Kristy Sabat, Anthony Lappé, Mike Stiller. about the incident and it cries fire in a crowded theater -- just what do these people think mankind can do about the UFO presence -- start the "War of the Worlds" for real we will never win ??  See  The show seeks to expose a series of startling encounters and embark on fascinating new investigations that will urge the public to ask questions and look for answers.  The series will reveal newly authenticated evidence and footage, interviews from eyewitnesses and former military personnel who have never spoken out before, and extensive breakthroughs in understanding the technology behind these unknown phenomena in our skies.  The show is a "too late" big time dud . . . 

Earth is a huge fueling station as it is covered with water - fuel to make Hydrogen.  In the Shag Harbour incident the US military allegedly sent out a Destroyer group and put divers in the water and saw TWO UFO craft - where one was helping effect repairs to the other at the bottom  of the Ocean.

So what . . .  extra terrestrial presence have been here for millennia - they created mankind by gene splicing - as it they who obviously could not live upon the planet as they were.  too much heat and gravity and dangerous organisms - bacterial as well as insect disease carrying things and creatures that would kill them.  it is mankind who is amazed and was never really ever looking in the first place . . .  Mankind labeled their presence previously as the "Gods", and it was the origin of religion on the planet.  See to begin with and then a 14 season running History Channel show "Ancient Aliens" see  It would be no different if mankind went to another planet.  

Most of mankind believes a God created them and there is no intelligent life elsewhere.  That is the genetic flaw in the brain of most of mankind.  Reality and probability.  Then shock and disbelief they maybe are not as smart as they have led themselves to believe.  All governments at the highest levels know the UFO craft come and go and like the monkey brained creatures most of mankind is - are smart enough to know the UFO craft operators are far superior and so there is nothing they can do about them.

It is no secret in theory how a UFO flies,and is stable to do so - among those in the scientific community - what well known is that mankind has not got the technology to built such a flying vessel.- and since that is true - why would mankind antagonize them - when clearly their technology is far beyond that of mankind ??

If indeed quantum entanglement and lay line theory is correct - many people are watching it in action.  The problem was in creating mankind from the primates - the genetic splices could not get the cranial capacity to pass and so many anomalies occurred in the the gene replication during reproduction - the experiment to create mankind was a failure.  Now millennia later mankind is so stupid it continues to use Hydrocarbon fuels when literally is all around mankind for free and is literally killing the planet where mankind lives.

There is a saying where one should not think so much of one's own self.  So many things people say illustrate the truth about how well their  brain is trained or not.. Mankind in most cultures about the world makes the mistake of letting children play at the time  when pathways in the brain are forming and discipline to learning critical thinking is important.  You get a puppy and let it do what it wants to and see what you end up with. A mess you have to get rid of.  The truth is most humans are so enamored with hearing themselves speak they think what they say - whatever it is is important because they said it.

Most people feel they must say something to another even if and especially if it it is absolutely meaningless chatter.  I say engage brain before engaging mouth.  But now that it the point . . . . most people who are chattering have no clue to someone else who hears them is looking right into their brain - their inner thoughts. It is both funny and sad.

The truth is most people are oblivious to the fact that the Earth has already  entered a  stage of unrecoverable change that will alter civilization here  or even extinguish mankind.  The first is the wobble of the earth on its axis which is increasing. Scientists have identified three causes of Earth's spin axis drift. See   What is missing and most important are the mass changes as distributed on the planet by oil depletion and metropolis building.  Even if mankind fixes global warming - the earths wobble cannot be fixed without a serious effort to and of rebalancing weight distribution on the planet..  The wobble has the capacity to shift deserts  and shorelines as well as if the sea levels which may rise up to 250 feet.  but mankind largely is not even watching seriously.

Any child who ever had a toy gyroscope or even a spinning top knows what happens if just slight bit of weight is added to one side then try to spin it.- it wobbles terribly and will eventually fall on its side.  The earth was in natural balance as created until man started moving things about en mass - now it is out of balance and getting worse.

Mankind was a genetically engineered species sharing 98 percent DNA with the great apes and there is no evidence enough time passed for evolution to have occurred, and initially the mankind version as first bred had large elongated skulls with 25 percent larger cranial capacities and now without proper genetic breeding to maintain the feature man's cranium is getting smaller.   Genetic breeding is NOT racial breeding. - it is a feature breeding just like is done today with dogs and other purebreds.  Man is even now speaking of doing it to create now future astronaut quality specimens of people.

There are a host of recessive Genetic diseases that occasionally pop up up which are throw backs to the origin of the gene splicing with the apes.  How bad they can be are chronicled in the Series -"The Body Bizarre" found at this writing at  No other species of creatures on planet earth suffer so many anomalies and  they are likely the result of genetic splicing.

This dovetails empirically to the belief of many that in the cross breeding there were problems getting the intellectual level of the host dna species to pass to the ape hybrid reliably.  The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depict time and again head wear  that appears to cover an elongated skull.  Many stories say they were not completely human as we know it today and this reality seems to be proven in dna analysis of elongated skulls known to be :natural:. that have 25 % more cranial capacity.  See and

The scientist doing the dna analysis concluded . . . :"It had mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. But a few fragments able to be sequenced from the sample indicate that if these mutations may hold we are dealing with a different human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans:".

Even if man did evolve who got it started on speech and basic survival as a and upright species??  How did the Egyptians come to be so advanced ??  The answers are written all over the walls in hieroglyphs all about the world.  The Dogon people of Africa have a particularly interesting proof of facts about themselves knowing of astronomical bodies before they were discovered.  See

One thing is fairly certain is that the human female vaginal canal would likely never be able to pass such a skull in childbirth of almost any of those pictured.

The reality and rational scientific course would be to recognize man is not suited for space for extended periods of time and the astronaut Scott Kelly experience after a year in space as to how it caused medical problems means the risk of death and or medical damage makes it a ridiculous endeavor at this time.  Now mankind is talking of genetically engineering persons to be astronaut material.  Mankind has been breeding canines for years with all kinds of characteristics - and it just now occurs to man that genetics has something to do with mankind's features itself ??  Hmmmm.  See also  Mankind actually has a genetic tendency in some to escape reality to believe fantastical things instead of searching  for the truth

If mankind were rational and intelligent no one would be considering this kind of half baked push.  Mankind needs to first understand that it as a species was  created by others with the same problems of not being able to live on earth.  Instead we largely believe in fairly tales of witches, vampires, and Gods.  Give that a serious thought and then recognize that instead of learning a common definitive language mankind does the opposite and constantly redefines language by creating short sayings and click type speech so others cannot understand them.  Perhaps the worst thing that mankind got out of the deal was to be able to speak.  Mankind has filled the communications airwaves with ludicrous broadcasts - and still it is safe to state most nobody knows anything about themselves or the planet they live on.

Instead mankind has a way of hiding from rational thought by couching it in an escapist view it is some God's will or doing and at the same we as mankind do not know how to save or care for the home we have.

If mankind knew anything about itself, it would be mapping genetics as to vulnerabilities they do not want to pass on instead of seeking each other based on beauty alone.that passes markers for a tendency to cancers and all kinds of other ailments.  Disease and other features of mankind is all genetic - right down to even attracting mosquitos to bite and such your blood or not..  See as a primer

If you have the misfortune of being a mosquito magnet, ultimately, it may come down to your genetic makeup. A 2015 twins study published in the journal PLOS One found that DNA may account for nearly 67 percent of mosquito attraction — at similar levels that height and IQ are genetically linked. The study took two groups of female twins — one group of identical and the other fraternal — and had them stick their hands in Y-shaped Plexiglas containers that allowed mosquitoes to detect their odor without being allowed to bite.

War and competition does not go with intellect. Nor does imagination and dreaming. Intelligence is rational analysis and empirical proof also called scientific research and analysis of the facts.  Mankind as species nowhere near collectively does that and only very few in the scientific community are those who do.  Competition for the sake of improvement or an article or scientific concept is fine, but physical competition for the pure sake to beat another is a mark of low intellect.  Mankind has lost tract of the difference and confuses the two as the same.

Mankind has. made huge advances in the last 100 years but that has only made the reckless dreaming worse.

People - mostly women - love to use the term "spark" for describing if they are attracted "romantically" to someone else or not.  It is a term most often say they cannot described what it is - but they know it when it happens.

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The genetic flaw of mankind is its brain in most people.  Having been taught to follow - all of their lives - they lack the capability for intelligent original critical thought and thinking.

It is more like Monkey see monkey do. Humans insist they are evolved from the primates, but humans share 98 percent DNA with the primates. The only thing that is really different is humans have vocal cords allowing humans to learn language and speak to each other. Good or bad this is mankind's only real difference.

Humans have vocal tracts that move freely and can be well coordinated, but the larynx muscles and vocal cords of apes don't have that same movement or coordination.  the location in their necks also influence such an ability to control them - but what if an operation were done at an early age - like and infant ape - and then they were taught to speak ??  No one has tried . . .  yet.

Some primates have learned how to communicate in specific ways with their human handlers. One famous case is Kanzi, a 33-year-old bonobo. Scientists who worked with Kanzi think bonobos can understand English.  Wow . . .  if a Dog can understand it . . .  it stands to reason almost any creature can.

"Kanzi, for example, could figure out human sentences — even nonsense sentences," . Someone once asked Kanzi to take a microwave outside, and he followed that request, even though it wasn't a common kind of command.

Apes may not be able to speak like humans, but this probably doesn't have anything to do with the animals' intelligence.

"A lot of animals that we don't think are particularly bright — because we have such a perverted sense of what it means to be bright — communicate in sophisticated ways,

It stands to reason, the primate brain is not that different in innate intellect than man - mankind is just a structured society that someone jump started by teaching mankind things to get technological development of the species moving along.  Only in the last 100 years or so has man made any technological leaps and it remains to be seen where that goes.   Right now it looks like technology is making mankind actually less intelligent.

The Dogon tribe in Africa - primitive in most ways as mankind measures it - has told us things about the constellation area in the sky of the Star we call Sirius, and has told us that not only is it a  binary star system that we can see of A and B - there is actually a third star "C" were cannot see that even our mathematical models seem to confirm is likely to be true.  See

The Dogon say Extraterrestrials from that region of space were here and taught many things to developing man.  There is actually collectively more evidence on Earth that mankind was the product of genetic splicing to alien DNA than there is that mankind came from any deity of a "God" as we preach it commonly as a creator.

On March 13, 1989 a huge coronal mass ejection (CME) that erupted on March 10, 1989  on the Sun reached earth and took out much of the power grids in North America and all of Quebec Canada for 9 hours.  Despite being warned by observatories that the event had happened and it was a Class X type directed straight at Earth and yet the launch of the Discovery Space Shuttle mission went on as planned and when all systems on it starting going hay-wire and failing - everyone was dumb founded.  Yet it had occurred once before in 1859.  See

Talk about bad weather to fly a space mission in . . . but they had not even thought of regularly checking solar storm activity hitting Earth at the time before launching a rocket.  Talk about dumb . . . 

Humans use the word evolved but the evidence is not the same as the support of this. Everything points instead to that mankind was genetically engineered by Gene splicing with the apes of differing phylogenetic kinds and then raised and educated to speak and be slaves.

The truth is mankind all suffers genetically from "Monkey see Monkey do" mindset - except a few and will comply with ridiculous commands and will normally not speak up to stop something seen as immoral or wrong..  The worst cases show up as what we call copy cat syndrome.  It is also known as "Mimicry"

It  is actually a sign of deep insecurities and low self-esteem of a brain that never learned to be independent thinking.  We see this everyday in people who must have the latest trends, clothes, and look like or look up to another as a "star" symbol type person.  The need for make up is one for females. that is everyone you say . . .  well now you get the idea - and no it is not everyone . . .  there are lots of females who do not follow that . . . and where you find them is in in the engineering fields and sciences. 

What is Mimicry?

Mimicry is the process of imitating another person.
Mimicry plays a major role in developing social skills, and social animals—including some non-human animals—have been shown to engage in mimicry. Mimicry can facilitate social interactions and feelings of warmth and friendliness. It also plays a role in fostering belonging and community, because people who act similarly tend to have fewer difficulties getting along. Mimicry occurs on a continuum, and can involve imitating very simple behaviors—such as rapidly blinking—or very complex ones, such as kicking a ball while adopting a certain posture or facial expression.

What is Mirroring?

Mirroring is the behavior in which one person subconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of another. Mirroring often occurs in social situations, particularly in the company of close friends or family. The activation of mirror neurons takes place within the individual who begins to mirror another's movements, and allows them a greater connection and understanding with the individual who they are mirroring, as well as allowing the individual who is being mirrored to feel a stronger connection with the other individual. Mirroring is distinct from conscious imitation under the premise that while the latter is a conscious, typically overt effort to copy another person, mirroring is subconsciously done during the act and often goes unnoticed.

Mimicry and Mirroring Can Be Good... or Bad

Unhealthy Mirroring occurs when people with Personality Disorders have a vacant or distorted self-image, which can manifest itself as an imitation of another person’s speech, mannerisms, behaviors, dress style, purchase preferences or daily habits.—-conscious imitation

Healthy Mirroring is when one analyzes something done by another and sees how to improve it - or that it is flat out detrimental to the cause or others.  it is the how to NOT do something for a good reason.

These Unhealthy Mirroring types are traditionally people who self define themselves as "bad-asses" themselves in  sports or other challenge (and then usually can't perform as they claimed)  as having a great personality and that they are smart etc.  You see it humorously on the Ninja Warrior TV shows where the contestant claims they are "coming for" the course and then fail miserably ending with a hilarious dunk in the water when they miss and fall.

Gibbons apes are rare, small, very slender, long-armed tree dwelling apes native to most ... The great apes include gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and bonobos. ... They love to swing all over the jungle 200 feet up in the branches above and can swing for distances of up to 50 feet at speeds as high as 35 miles per hour,   They do not always make the leap either - but its usually death for them.

People who are unfamiliar with Personality Disorders may struggle to understand any complaints about mimicry. However, discussing about toxic people  such as histrionics, narcissists and other cluster b personalities)is quite detrimental for people who exercise their own self love and protect their personal boundaries.

The only ones willing to tolerate this abnormal behavior of mimicry is no less than another toxic entity of the same type. They are not confidants, as their usual response would be: “ I THINK YOU ARE JUST BEING OVERLY SENSITIVE” or “ OH, YOU ARE JUST A PARANOID, NO CARES ABOUT YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU DO”. —-just another member of the school of mimicry trying to confuse, discredit and mislead you. Toxic people stand by each other and speak the same toxic language because they gain comfort in numbers

But sadly that is group mentality prevalent in todays world

If you have the gift of intuition, you see this and can  use it and do not fall for the trap of being misled by anyone. You know exactly what you are sensing, YOU MUST listen to yourself instead. It can become quite unsettling to realize someone is paying so much attention to you and makes you cringe to begin with. Although to some they might give a little consideration and benefit of the doubt, after all, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.  NOPE . . .  it is not, it is a genetic defect and poor conditional environmental training and teaching that has manifested itself to the surface.

I find it funny how most creatures in nature who have just had there offspring chased down by a predator and killed and is being eaten, known how to just turn and walk away because there is nothing they can do . . .  but mankind is not that way.  Mankind will jump right in there and get killed themselves also.

It is often called "valor".  I call it stupid.

This is the difference. In Papua New Guinea where in breeding and where there is one of the highest illiteracy rates on the planet exist the people behave more like tribes as the troops of primates come to behave Instinctively

Scientifically in the developed world where most everyone In the US at has experience in schooling and learns now also from media and the internet we find that all brains are not created equally and the monkey see monkey do phenomenon not only returns but becomes proudly competitive

Sadly the truth is the earlier training and independence of thought is taught as critical thinking the higher that person seeks scientific knowledge. Those who not taught at an early realize somewhere along the way they have been left behind and copy cat syndrome becomes the coping mechanism for all of the lost souls

They then seek something they can do - often physical hence enhancing their looks or join the sports movement like becoming a "Ninja Warrior" kind of contestant to gain attention and notoriety

To scientific types they (we) see nothing but humor, while the "Ninja Warrior" contestant has convinced themselves they are doing something important.

The original creators of man - and no that is not "God" knew how important continued genetic breeding was to advancing mankind - and we are talking genetic traits - not racial traits - were and tried to teach it but failed and instead wealth led to royalty and then to incest by family inbreeding. King Tut was the offspring of a brother and sister.

Man's brain is only larger in mass and size but NOT automatically superior to the primates. One has to wonder what would happen if as an infant a primate had an operation on the vocal cords so speech could be taught and learned would mankind get a shock they think the same as humans basically??

Lots of shows today spout the truth about who man is where and what the earth is doing like "Hostile Planet", NASA's and Egypt's Unexplained Files, (two separate shows same type of name) "Ancient Aliens" and the list goes on and on

Yet when someone is injured mankind runs to Medical Science and cries for help and then prays to God. It cannot be both.

The concept of a God was introduced by man's creators as way to get and keep control like we use Santa Claus today.  It got way out of hand over millennia.  Even the Muslims have an extraterrestrial stone which is inside the MECCA they are all praying to

Eventually our creators realized they could not cross breed enough of their intellect and gave up and eventually abandoned mankind. The ancient teachers that stayed on earth who by breeding could not now leave, who knew the valuable tricks kept vast quantities of subjects under their control for quite while, and now today the aggressive nature man got from the primates is thought of as the normal way it should be when man could not be farther from wrong.

Man cannot live in space we are now finding . . .  it ravages the body and allows our own bacteria needed for health here on earth to get out of control and threatened our life in space.  On one of the Apollo missions one of the astronauts could actually "see" cosmic rays hitting him while the other two could not.  Genetics which mankind should have been studying and controlling in breeding shows to be a complex a messy subject - just like dogs you get muts and your get champions.  it i has nothing to do with race - it has to do with genetics.

Man was created by an intelligent benevolent species that could not populate the earth directly themselves. Mankind turned out to be so gullible and aggressive as unworkable creatures mankind then spoiled the planet and their intellectual efforts to inhabit the earth.  In short mankind ran away the best teachers to a sophisticated society that we had.

It is well known among leaders on the earth mankind may have real problem if mankind tries to leave the planet for both reasons others may not want use to spread and because mankind's bodies cannot tolerate space travel anyway.

Planet of the Apes is not just name of a TV series and movie.

Mankind cannot fix the indiscriminate genetic. mess that has been made - and now as though almost too late man has realized it is all about genetic breeding and are talking about breeding characteristics for future astronauts

Its appears man needs to fix the mess it has made with itself on and with the earth before trying to breed itself to leave

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